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Personal Achievements


Collect all possible hearts in the whole episode


Use the clock 10 times in one level


Finish 5 levels without using the clock


Use the cleaver 10 times in one level

Serial Killer

Complete 3 levels in a row without restarting or going back to menu

Special Forces

Forcefully enter the one way path 5 times in one level using the beacon light

Demolition Man

Use 3 distinct hammers on 3 distinct chipped walls in one level

Fire Fighter

Make 10 turns on oil slick in one level

Fast Runner

Complete 5 levels within maximum time


Complete the whole episode with 3 stars in every level


Use the teleport 20 times in one level

Four seasons

Guide Zombillie through 4 differently coloured teleports at the same time


Finish the game

Grand Master

Complete the whole game with 3 stars in every level

Dead Zombies

Squash 100 zombies
0 / 100

Cut in Half

Cut Zobillie into 4 pieces