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Personal Achievements

Hanafuda Beginners

Quit Tutorial Mode.

First Victory

Defeat opponent for the first time.

Koi Koi Success

Call Koi Koi, form a new Yaku, and call Stop.

Koi Koi Block

Call Stop after your opponent calls Koi Koi.

Form 3 Yaku

Form 3 Yaku or more in 1 round.

Form 5 Yaku

Form 5 Yaku or more in 1 round.

Earn 10 Points

Earn 10 points or more with 1 Stop.

Earn 20 Points

Earn 20 points or more with 1 Stop.

10 Wins

Win 10 times.

100 Wins

Win 100 times.

500 Wins

Win 500 times.

5 Successive Wins

Get 5 successive wins.

10 Successive Wins

Get 10 successive wins.

Red Ribbon

Complete "Red Ribbon" Yaku.

Blue Ribbon

Complete "Blue Ribbon" Yaku.

Boar, Deer, Butterfly

Complete "Boar, Deer, Butterfly" Yaku.

Moon and Cup

Complete "Moon and Cup" Yaku.

Cherry Blossom and Cup

Complete "Cherry Blossom and Cup" Yaku.

Red and Blue Ribbons

Complete "Red and Blue Ribbons" Yaku.

Light Three

Complete "Light Three" Yaku.

Light Four

Complete "Light Four" Yaku.

Rain Light Four

Complete "Rain Light Four" Yaku.

Light Five

Complete "Light Five" Yaku.

"Boar, Deer, Butterfly" 5 Times

Complete "Boar, Deer, Butterfly" Yaku 5 times.

"Light Three" 10 Times

Complete "Light Three" Yaku 10 times.

"Light Four" 10 Times

Complete "Light Four" Yaku 10 times.

"Light Five" 10 Times

Complete "Light Five" Yaku 10 times.

Complete All Yaku

Complete all Yaku.

Conquer the Country

Defeat opponents from all areas in Collection Mode.

Postcard Complete

Collect each variety of postcard.

[Multiplayer]Hanafuda Beginners

[Multiplayer]Quit Multiplayer Mode for the first time.

[Multiplayer]First Victory

[Multiplayer]Defeat opponent for the first time.

[Multiplayer]10 Wins

[Multiplayer]Win 10 times.

[Multiplayer]100 Wins

[Multiplayer]Win 100 times.

[Multiplayer]Earn 20 Points

[Multiplayer]Earn 20 points or more with 1 Stop.