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It is the first step that counts. Finish level 1 of the first campaign.


Save the light for the future. Save 4 bullets on level 6 of the first campaign.


Practice makes perfect. Kill 3 monsters with one shot.


Clean the area. Kill 50 monsters.

Blasting agent

A good beginning is half the battle. Complete the first campaign.

Thread of life

A stitch in time saves nine. Save 5 bullets on level 11 of the first campaign.

Fellowship of the Gleam

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Look for someone who could be your friend.

It's full of stars

A good deed is never lost. Attain 45 stars in the first campaign.


Half of the way. Complete the second campaign.


True skill bears no witness. Kill 4 monsters with one shot.

Seeker of Truth

Half the truth is often a whole lie. Complete two puzzles.

Rising sun

Share the light. Shoot 100 bullets.


A bullet saved is a bullet earned. Pass level 5 of the second campaign with 6 bullets left.

Rocket scientist

Waste not, want not! Kill 5 monsters with one shot.

World Saver

Easier said than done. Finish the third campaign.

Bottle Caps

You've heard that they were used as money once, though it maybe only a story. Collect 35 bottle caps.

Thimble club

All things are difficult before they are easy. Collect 35 thimbles.


Strike a balance! Get all stars on level 16 of the second campaign.


You passed with flying colors. Collect 100 stars.

Deep pockets

Feather your nest. Save 50 bullets in the second campaign.

A great feat

Hit the nail on the head. Kill 6 monsters with one shot.


Fall seven times, stand up eight. Lose 100 times.

Spread the light

The light must prevail. Shoot 500 bullets.

Total control

He is not fit to command others that cannot command himself. Complete level 6 of the third campaign with 5 bullets left.


There is a reason to feel superior. Finish the fourth campaign.


The bird hunting a locust is unaware of the hawk hunting him. Kill 500 monsters.

Middle Way

You've come a long way, soldier. Complete 40 levels.


Get the big picture. Complete the puzzle.

Byron the Bulb

If there were no clouds, we would not enjoy the sun. Gain 60 stars in the third campaign.


Nothing succeeds like success. Earn 999 points.