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Personal Achievements

Zen Master

Survive a conversation with Anna Marano

Italian memories

Find a widespread sign of modern civilization

James Murphy, doctor

Finish the tutorial by stitching Mario's wound

The game is on

Find the first clues about the Cristoforo investigation

Harder path

Solve a puzzle using the calendar at home

Cyberspace Surfer

Complete successfully your first online search

Cheap James

Corrupt the Capena church keeper

Take that, dr. Jones

Solve the most cryptic puzzle left by Cristoforo

James the sinner

Get ready for hell by ruining sister Candida

Attentive reader

Face an adventure clichè: the diary!

Not afraid of pixel hunting

Find something that belonged to the jeweler

Lights off

Follow the car to its destination without making mistakes

Look, a bush!

It's not pixel hunting if you have a magnifier...

Mysterious password maybe makes sense in another game?

Ho ho ho!

Try entering from the chimney on December 24th

Audere Semper

Elisa, we hold you in our hearts

Lots of space here...

Bring a sexy lady back home

Math Ace

Get the calculation wrong twice

Thrilled face

Complete Shadows on the Vatican Act I

Dialogue skipper

Complete the adventure in less than two hours