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Personal Achievements

First Steps into the Rain

Reach the end of the first level.

Nothing in common but the enemy

Allow the looter to live.

Can't trust anyone

Prevent the looter from obtaining a weapon

A surge of deepest satisfaction

Defeat the cellar inhabitant.

Survival of the Unfit

Help all 6 park defenders to survive

The crawling disease

Survive the worm invasion

Where even light failed

Solve the village's insect problem

Guns without Brains

Obtain automatic guards for the village

Flow with the current

Survive the electric chase

Industry-scale harvesting

Shred 100 monsters with the harvester

Public transport madness

Survive the subway journey

Just like when I was young

Survive the ambush at the schoolyard

Salvage what's left

Help the refugees at the factory

Light up the dark

Bring the lighthouse back to life

Less human than expected

Eliminate the threat in the laboratory

Put an end to this

Finish the story

This madness had to stop

Finish the story on "maniac" difficulty

Can't touch this

Kill 50 enemies without getting hurt

Wrecking ball

Defeat a boss without getting hurt


Defeat a boss with just the pistol

Collateral Damage

Destroy 2,000 environment objects


Score 50k in survival mode

Club of 100,000

Score 100k in survival mode

This is Madness!

Score 250k in survival mode

Reasonably well armed

Acquire all weapons in story mode

Lord of War

Upgrade all weapons to Max level

Seven at one stroke

Blow up 7 enemies with a single explosion

Not known for their wits

Dissolve 5 zombies in acid

A shimmer in the darkness

Find all parts of the golden gun

One more layer between them and me

Find all pieces of the flak jacket

Spare a dollar?

Find $5,000


Achieve a x10 multiplier


Achieve a x20 multiplier

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