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Bloody World

Total damage of enemy in PVP combat reaches 50000 points
Unlocked Jan 28, 2017 @ 5:33pm

Fury Blood

In conquest mode, Kill 2 enemy general when Hp is lower than 25%.
Unlocked Jan 29, 2017 @ 5:40am

Archery Talent III

Complete the challenge with grade SS
Unlocked Jan 26, 2017 @ 1:23pm

General Crack Troops

Have 3 elite troopS at or above LV8

Prestigious General III

Recruit 10 adjutant

Recruitment Talent II

Recruit 1 adjutant at or above LV8

Loyalty Cultivation II

Cultivate 1 adjutant with 100 loyalty

Horse Reaper III

Collect 15 horses

Elite Units III

Have 1 LV10 elite troop

Huge Army

Unlock over 20 troops


LV60 general level

Perfect Hero III

Complete 1000 missions

Flag-reaper III

Collect 5 flags

Headshot III

Headshot and kill 500 enemy generals in PVP combat in total


Repeating kill 6 enemy generals and survive in any PVP combat

Great precision

In PVP match game, Kill enemy general from 100 paces away,

Doom Hero

In conquest mode, Kill 4 enemy general when all teammates were killed.

Firm as a rock

In one PVP game, Your armor flicked attack 10 times.

Thunder Clap

In PVP match game, Kill a 200+ Hp enemy general with one hit.


In one command match mode, you kill the enemy marshal when your are the last survivor of your team and all of the enemy generals are alive.

Elite Fighter

Complete choping, blocking, archery, riding with grade SS

Irresistible Warrior III

Complete the challenge with grade S

Chopping Talent III

Complete the challenge with grade SS

Parry Talent III

Complete the challenge with grade SS

Superb Horsemanship III

Complete the challenge with grade SS

Actual combat II

The 35th mission

Actual combat I

The 25th mission


In PVP match, Using long weapon to kill 3 enemy generals with one hit.


In PVP match, Using two-handle weapon to kill 5 enemy generals with one life.