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Personal Achievements

Burthorpe Lodestone

Unlocked the lodestone at Burthorpe, the town of training

Lumbridge Lodestone

Unlocked the lodestone at Lumbridge, the city of stone

Lumbridge Beginner Tasks

Completed all the tasks in the Lumbridge beginner set

Lumbridge Medium Tasks

Completed all the tasks in the Lumbridge Medium set

Lumbridge Hard Tasks

Completed all the tasks in the Lumbridge hard set

A Lick of Paint

Selected your chosen colour of kitten from Gertrude, using the ring of charos

Anachronia Lodestone

Unlocked the lodestone at Anachronia, the island of great beasts

Always Prepared

Claimed an anti-dragon shield from the Duke of Lumbridge

Sinking Fast

Completed a sinkhole activity

Sir Mitt

Climbed to the top of the white knights' castle and saw all there was to see

Treasure Seeker

Finished 10 clue scrolls and claimed their loot

Something Barrowed

Defeated the 6 (or 7) barrows brothers and claimed their loot 5 times over

The Jack of Spades

Gained access to the golden city of Menaphos by completing the Jack of Spades quest

Castles in the Sky

Stepped inside the portal at clan camp and visited a clan citadel floating in the sky

At One with Nature

Crafted nature runes at the altar buried in the jungle

Embrace the Chaos

Solved the Embrace the Chaos mystery within the Infernal Source archaeology site


Travelled to the Arc islands and visited 50 uncharted isles

Who's the Boss?

Killed 1000 of RuneScape's bosses


Unlocked the lodestone at Prifdinnas, the city of the elves

99 with a flake

Reached the highest level in a skill and unfurled a flag in the prestigious max guild garden