Right now a group of phishers use our admins community IDs in their phishing links. DO NOT CLICK THOSE LINKS! Always check and make sure that the link says EXACTLY
If you already clicked one get in contact with steam support asap

Im not doing anymore private price checks, i dont give anymore trading tipps, free stuff or private MM services outside of the PPM servers.
Do your homework yourself and dont let other people work for you.
For any informations please have a look at the personal infobox (scroll down)

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0)Trading with me.
You added me, want to buy one of my items you saw me offering on outpost or you wanna sell me an item you saw im buying on outpost.
You will need to wait 1-5 minutes before we trade as im going to check you, meaning:
-Steamrep status
-Age of account
-Hours in tf2
-Backpack History
-Item history

-If your account seems fishy i reserve myself the right not to to trade with you
-If you have a Caution Tag i will not trade any items over 10 keys with you
-If you were on trade Probation i will not trade with you at all
-If you have a scammer Tag i will not trade with you at all
-If you are permanently banned from PPM servers i will not trade with you at all

1 main point:
If you make a trade,create a listing or advertise that your (quick)selling an item for a DEFINED price, NOT a buyout, NOT for offers, stick to that price and give the deal to the first person that comes.
If your trying to get more by ignoring an add for several minutes in order to get more adds and make people bidding or if your already in a trade with the first add and then tell him ''hee that other guy that just added me gibs 2 ref moar!!''
You will get
- permantly and forever blocked
-on steam
-and every trading site

I dont tolerate this behaviour at all, its a waste of time and an offense to all these people that think they are buying a good QS while they are just part of your inoffical bidding bullshit.

PPM Admin @ all trade & unusual trade servers #1,2,3,4,5,6,7.

ᴾᴾᴹ TF2 Servers:
connect ----- (All-Trade | USA Server 1) IP:
connect ----- (All-Trade | USA Server 2) IP:
connect ----- (Unusual-Trade | USA Server 3) IP:
connect ----- (All-Trade | USA Server 4) IP:
connect ----- (All-Trade | USA Server 5) IP:
connect ----- (All-Trade | EU Server 6) IP:
connect ----- (All-Trade | EU Server 7) IP:
connect ----- (Payload 24/7 | USA Server 8) IP:

2)You have been banned?(doesnt matter if by me or any other staff member)
*You can look up your ban time,ban reason,the admin who banned you here:
PPM - Ban Database []
*Do not add any Staff member to discuss your ban, please fill out a ban report in the official steam group
*It might help you to have a look at the
Addenum to server rules

3)Friend Requests
*Do not randomly add me if you saw an item in my backpack that you want to acquire, i only trade what i offer on my outpost trades (links in the LINKS section at the end of this box)
*Do not randomly add me to beg for free items
*Do not randomly add me for no reason
*if you are a server regular and/or donor you can add me

Essential Links about me

Tf2Outpost []
Steamrep []
Tf2-Trader Rep Thread []
Backpack(.tf) []
PPM Server Staff []

Starting to collect random weired steam chat conversations...

Derelgamer: hui
Damien[КЛЮЧИ ЗА ВМР = 50р]: hi
Damien[КЛЮЧИ ЗА ВМР = 50р]: "hui" in my country is "dick"
Damien[КЛЮЧИ ЗА ВМР = 50р]: -_-
Derelgamer: LOL

Cobalt: swag + banhammer + freeshit = hello derel how was your day

Derelgamer [PPM-Λ]: hi
˙·٠•●#Sad4Life Amandaø●•٠·˙: hi :(
˙·٠•●#Sad4Life Amandaø●•٠·˙: is it only pure for buds?
Derelgamer [PPM-Λ]: mhm.......
˙·٠•●#Sad4Life Amandaø●•٠·˙: or cna unususals and items count?
Derelgamer [PPM-Λ]: no
˙·٠•●#Sad4Life Amandaø●•٠·˙: wellmy day has been ruined once again
˙·٠•●#Sad4Life Amandaø●•٠·˙: Gonna remove me?
˙·٠•●#Sad4Life Amandaø●•٠·˙: Cmon?
˙·٠•●#Sad4Life Amandaø●•٠·˙: -rep wont remove me
Derelgamer [PPM-Λ]: lol you can remove me as well
Derelgamer [PPM-Λ]: fucking lazy wth
˙·٠•●#Sad4Life Amandaø●•٠·˙: nu thanks
Derelgamer [PPM-Λ]: i got another idea
Derelgamer [PPM-Λ]: blocked gtfo ty

Halten Sie Ihr Passwort geheim.
Derelgamer [PPM-Λ] @86collectors: hi
The Suspicious Banana: hi
The Suspicious Banana: um i forgot what i added you for sorry
Derelgamer [PPM-Λ] @86collectors: gg
The Suspicious Banana: lol
Derelgamer [PPM-Λ] @86collectors:
Derelgamer [PPM-Λ] @86collectors: xD
Derelgamer [PPM-Λ] @86collectors: ;3
The Suspicious Banana: XD

Halten Sie Ihr Passwort geheim.
low. Court Of Leo ~ Galio: can have your Unusual Law for my birthday gift
low. Court Of Leo ~ Galio: l
low. Court Of Leo ~ Galio: l
low. Court Of Leo ~ Galio: l
low. Court Of Leo ~ Galio: l
low. Court Of Leo ~ Galio: l
low. Court Of Leo ~ Galio: l
low. Court Of Leo ~ Galio: l
low. Court Of Leo ~ Galio: l
low. Court Of Leo ~ Galio: l
low. Court Of Leo ~ Galio: l
low. Court Of Leo ~ Galio ist Abwesend.


Add info: it wasa c9 law worth at keast 12 buds that time

Derelgamer [PPM-Λ]127/131 collec: dude
Derelgamer [PPM-Λ]127/131 collec: gaben gave me this
Derelgamer [PPM-Λ]127/131 collec:
[PPM] tha tone guy720: yes derel?
[PPM] tha tone guy720: sweet mother of god.
[PPM] tha tone guy720: THATS FUCKING AWESOME
[PPM] tha tone guy720: HOW ?
Derelgamer [PPM-Λ]127/131 collec: found a bug where you could craft
Derelgamer [PPM-Λ]127/131 collec: badges for free
Derelgamer [PPM-Λ]127/131 collec: reported it
Derelgamer [PPM-Λ]127/131 collec: got this unique emoticon
Derelgamer [PPM-Λ]127/131 collec: :D
Derelgamer [PPM-Λ]127/131 collec:
[PPM] tha tone guy720: sweet mother of go
[PPM] tha tone guy720: dd
[PPM] tha tone guy720: u didnt get a unusual?
Derelgamer [PPM-Λ]127/131 collec: it wasnt a tf21 bug
[PPM] tha tone guy720: ahh
[PPM] tha tone guy720: did he personally speak with you?
Derelgamer [PPM-Λ]127/131 collec: lol
Derelgamer [PPM-Λ]127/131 collec: support
[PPM] tha tone guy720: XD
[PPM] tha tone guy720: dude thats fukin sweet
Derelgamer [PPM-Λ]127/131 collec: i got thiss and
Derelgamer [PPM-Λ]127/131 collec: steam level
Derelgamer [PPM-Λ]127/131 collec: 666
Derelgamer [PPM-Λ]127/131 collec: check
[PPM] tha tone guy720: NICE
Derelgamer [PPM-Λ]127/131 collec: and i got
Derelgamer [PPM-Λ]127/131 collec: badge
Derelgamer [PPM-Λ]127/131 collec: biggest swagger
Derelgamer [PPM-Λ]127/131 collec: :D
Derelgamer [PPM-Λ]127/131 collec: choosen by my
Derelgamer [PPM-Λ]127/131 collec: me
[PPM] tha tone guy720: it says 87 for me...
Derelgamer [PPM-Λ]127/131 collec: its just 5 different emoticons in a row
Derelgamer [PPM-Λ]127/131 collec: XD
Derelgamer [PPM-Λ]127/131 collec: oh god
Derelgamer [PPM-Λ]127/131 collec: xDD
[PPM] tha tone guy720: wow derel
[PPM] tha tone guy720: holy shit
[PPM] tha tone guy720: G FUKING G

MR.ZOMBIEEE: RIP derlegamer BORN IN 2013-DIED IN 2013 HE WAS R
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+rep fast and direct trader :steamhappy:
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