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Level Up Bot
Quick start:
Once you get all the TF2 keys needed for leveling up, open up a chat with the bot you’ll be trading with. Type the command !buy (number of keys you have, Ex: !buy 20) in chat with the bot and the bot should send you a trade offer corresponding to the amount of keys you offered. Accepting the trade might take some time if you traded a lot of keys. Once the trade has been completed, click here to start crafting badges. Keep crafting until there are no more cards or until you feel like stopping.

Bot Commands
!help - shows these commands.
!check = checking how many uncrafted sets you can buy from the current bot.
!check [x] = checking how many cardsets you can buy for [x] TF2 keys.
!buy [x] = buy uncrafted cardsets for [x] TF2 keys.
!level [x] = will check how many cardsets you need to reach level [x].
!keylist = shows all tradeable keys.


Can I craft badge for games I do not own ?

Will I receive sets that I already crafted ?
No, the bot will check your badges and only trade you sets that you never crafted.
However, you may use the !buyany command to buy sets that have been crafted.

What key does that bot accept ?

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