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mistakes are proof you're trying.
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:csgocross: talk shit get deag'ed mid :csgocross:
:csgoct: randomly hit 10 380s lol :csgoct:

fortnite []
goto hype song
spotify playlist follow pls :^) []

Quit 07/17 - 05/18 (PM mana if you need to contact me when im mia)
maniac x lumi x deprived x blade x juuzou
used to sometimes play surf rpg, mmod, kz

:ianthumb: MapleStory 2006 |
:claugh: SuddenAttack 2008 | KZstats []
:kcgrumpy: BlackShot 2008 | KZ Features

list of people i respect:
neko senpai (rpg surf)
retricoil (rpg surf)
panau (rpg surf)
mana/skully/ilikegirls (rpg surf)
duk (trading)
gwooky (kz)
nykan (kz)
nightmarecore/fake wannabe maniac (shittalking skills bitxh)
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Noob Sunny Feb 25 @ 5:42am 
lets play Apex,ID:ChirhiroS
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ruby Jan 23 @ 6:15am 
shut ur MOUTH
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♥♥♥♥er victoria doesnt edit bad players videos