Morten Møller-Thorsager   Viborg, Viborg, Denmark
Currently Offline
Morten "denzu" Møller-Thorsager 19/07/1995 - 26


Mouse Zowie ec1-a black
Mousepad Steelseries QCK heavy
Keyboard HyperX alloy FPS
Headphones HyperX Cloud II
Monitor 1 BenQ XL2311T
Monitor 2 Samsung Syncmaster BX2450

Lans and Tournaments

Offline CSS.
G4L mix team homer, jepsen, far ole, wiese, denzu 16-32 B
HKLAN # 5 GAMETEX.DK r1ber, unik, sniger, mico, denzu 8-16 B
Lindvedlan Mix team Wiese, Lynge, Jepsen, Andersen, denzu

Offline CS:GO.
HKLAN # 6 whyalwaysme mix WHAPZ, vndr aka Don LP, sloxi, fake, denzu 16-32
GameON Århus # 1 Why Always Me Jepsen, Whitewater, Raoz, Sanden, denzu. 1st Place
CG-LAN #3 Speedclickers zukarn, hipster, J.Povlsen, nisse05, denzu. 9-16
Connection #33 oXzone xZai, sundahl, lind, nisse05, denzu. 3rd place
CG-LAN #4 Reen TaF, hypez, Lind, Allan, denzu. 1st Place in B
SDE Netparty #3 $e$ lan NVM Yakip, elplepzo, spacecake, gyde, denzu. 1st Place
NPH #3 Whiffkingz Raoz, Krynex, es3tag, twice, denzu. 5-6
tlparty #7 oXzone Sundahl, PHX, Malrn, mln, denzu. Top 8
SLP Magicians Raoz, Braadz, Tham, Baiterberg, denzu. 2nd place
GGW#22 SonOFF Raoz, pkn, Typ, Jarko, denzu. 3rd place
HHLAN fuNhouse Sarn, entity, zentic, Daffu, denzu. 1st place
CPHG 2018 Quantaya Gaming Antrhax, Böye, Jinngo, M0SZ, denzu. Groups
Trojkalan Oldboys Povlsen, Sundahl, zERA, 3p1x, denzu. 2nd place
KF-lan Quantaya Gaming NillerR, whitewater, Kaspara, tHm, denzu. 3rd place
NPH Quantaya Gaming NillerR, whitewater, Kaspara, tHm, denzu. top 12
CPHG 2019 Quantaya Gaming NillerR, whitewater, Kaspara, FreddyG, denzu. top 16 in C

Online CS:GO
GDK CUP#1 Mix Team 14-16 A
Steelseries Leauge #9 1 div. Forza Esport Sanden, Raoz, Maziaz, Zepton, denzu. 2nd

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