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Name: Dominik
Age: 18
Gender: Male.
Hobbys: E-sport, Computer, Sport,
Favorite car: Ford Mustang :griefer:
Favorite game: Unturned
Worst games: All new COD's.
Favorite day: Saturday.
Favorite season: Summer

CS:GO Rank History:
Silver I: ✘
Silver II: ✘
Silver III: ✘
Silver IV: ✘
Silver Elite: ✘
Silver Elite Master: ✘
Gold Nova I: ✘
Gold Nova II: ✘
Gold Nova III: ✘
Gold Nova Master: ✘
Master Guardian I: ✘
Master Guardian II: ✘
Master Guardian Elite: ✔ (1st rank)
Distinguished Master Guardian: ✔
Legendary Eagle: ✔ (curent rank)
Legendary Eagle Master: ✔
Supreme Master First Class:✔
Global Elite: ✘

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