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Summoners War Info

If you want to add me, I play on the global server under the name demonkxng. Shoot me a PM on steam before you do it, I can make room for you. I don't play anymore to be honest, but I still know basically everything about the game

-50 6*
-Gb10 1:00 95%
-DB10 1:30 95%
-NB10 2:00 90%
-TOA Normal 100
-TOA Hard 60
-F3/C1 Arena
-G1 Guild
-My rep is Ethna [Wind Hell Lady], farms Aiden Hell 1 in about a minute.
-My Nat 5s are Ethna [Wind Hell Lady], Leo [Wind Dragon Knight], Hathor [Wind Desert Queen], Ethna [Wind Hell Lady], Triton [Wind Sea Emperor], Psamathe [Water Fairy King], Xiong Fei [Fire Panda Warrior], and Raki [Fire Hell Lady], Lora [Light Occult Girl], Anavel [Water Occult Girl], Psamathe [Water Fairy King], Ethna [Wind Hell Lady], and Amelia [Water Unicorn] not counting fused or Ifrits.


"oh shit i sneezed on my hand" - Xe RIP, 1/22/16 welcome black daddy
"Demon - U abuse 2 much (<3 ya)" - Sierra (FawnzeeBabee) RIP, 11/27/15 welcome back, loser
Creds to holly for the picture, edits by me
a demon's handy work []

6:53 PM - =℘ɞ= ℒᎧℛÐ ℙƴƦΦ: i love tf2
03:57 - apex: i hate this game


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*DEAD* Sover : sow
*DEAD* Sover : wjhen US army pay fore me Home and some caend resource
*DEAD* Sover : and
*DEAD* Sover : neighbour girl fuck me all 7 days
*DEAD* Sover : after wjhen father die
*DEAD* Sover : sow whot when my father die in
*DEAD* Sover : Siria
*DEAD* Sover : sow
*DEAD* Sover : afterthey call em in US all documenrt blue cart and resource and home big
*DEAD* Sover : now zshe really yung sexy beauty hard gang raope me 7 days fore sorry fore my father
*DEAD* Sover : it not crime
*DEAD* Sover : it normal
*DEAD* Sover : i pay she 50 000 dollars sow gg
*DEAD* Sover : it normal i feel really godo after this
*DEAD* Sover : i have 28 year old she have 19 yer old all nice
*DEAD* [Root] ConFusion : is no one seeing what Sover is saying?
*DEAD* Sover : we lik dollas
*DEAD* Sover : dolls
*DEAD* Sover : fuck each other
*DEAD* Sover : good thing
*DEAD* Sover : i thing she have now child from me
*DEAD* Sover : Us Gouvernement pay fore me all i am richie
*DEAD* Sover : sow hard yes
*DEAD* Sover : sow i ams hit not eman she donts hall fuck me
*DEAD* Sover : it normal
*DEAD* Sover : yes
*DEAD* Sover : reallly yeah
*DEAD* Sover : sorry it not fore girls
*DEAD* Sover : hear
*DEAD* Sover : hatye when she spread sperma at my brust at my face and mous
*DEAD* Sover : hate when girl dopminate sex at you 7 days becose she try calm you
[SourceComms] Issued an extended gag on Sover for 30 minutes (reason: shut the fuck up).

02:40 - DEMONKXNG: so
02:40 - DEMONKXNG: som fan is like
02:40 - DEMONKXNG: as fuck
02:40 - Demonic Odd: no
02:40 - Demonic Odd: som - as
02:40 - Demonic Odd: fan swear word
02:41 - Demonic Odd: fan - hell, fuck

18:31 - DMEMN: bruh did u know
18:31 - DMEMN: this backwards is shit
18:31 - Soap: shit nigga
18:31 - Soap: you right
18:31 - Soap: we made it

21:32 - Soap: yo tell me how last night
21:32 - Soap: someone sent me a snap
21:32 - Soap: sayin frank ocean is itailan
21:32 - Soap: im like
21:32 - Soap: ya niggas is deadass dumb if you think an ocean can represent a nationality
21:33 - Soap: fuckin tryna play me like that

03:40 - DMN: hello?
03:40 - DMN: what do you want
03:41 - DESTORYER: can you plz give me a 6 cent item on dota
03:41 - DMN: who the fuck are you LMFAO
03:41 - DESTORYER is now Offline.

11:37 - dw from arthur: IM GETTING DDOS'D
11:37 - dw from arthur: STUDNET ID

12:44 - dw from arthur: \ ’_>’ /
12:44 - dw from arthur: Im partying
12:44 - dw from arthur: Woo haaa~~~~~~~!
12:44 - dw from arthur: I luv college :#

9:17 PM - Mattaroni | so
9:17 PM - Mattaroni | are you ready to have your butt stretched to its limits
9:17 PM - Mattaroni | wrong person

10:16 PM - Mattaroni | kiss me
10:17 PM - Mattaroni | please
10:17 PM - Mattaroni | just right on the lips right now
11:12 PM - demon.: tHe FUCk
11:12 PM - Mattaroni | hm?
11:12 PM - Mattaroni | please
11:12 PM - Mattaroni | ryan ive wanted this... for so long...

fuck you
I clicked that link and got dirty looks from my brother
apparently my headphones leak

Legacy: Hello. You are one of the selected few that is suspected of ddosing me. This is a warning, if your actions continue to occur, my ISP will be contacted and told about thee situation. My ISP will then investigate the situation to find the attackers IP. Once that happens, they will contact your ISP which will put you at risk for losing your ISP. Ddosing is illegal and serious. Think twice.

Friday, February 23, 2018
14:31 - Mattaroni: talking shit?
14:32 - Mattaroni: come and get hit.
14:34 - ahegao demon: fucking stupid Bitch
14:34 - Mattaroni: i swear to god
14:34 - Mattaroni: i'll break every single fucking bone
14:34 - ahegao demon: go
14:34 - ahegao demon: t
14:34 - ahegao demon: damn
14:34 - Mattaroni: oh shit you added a blunt to your demon?
14:34 - Mattaroni: or is that a beard lol
14:34 - Mattaroni: sec
14:35 - Mattaroni: ...

01:48 - Boshine: my mom
01:48 - Boshine: make me not virgin

Frank: how's your day owo- i mean merz

01:48 - ❤Holly (2): that looks like a nice area
01:49 - ❤Holly: its nice
01:49 - ❤Holly (2): that's nice

if i am online, away, busy, looking to play/trade or offline
online= i am online playing my games if you need my send a mages to me
away= i am not at my laptop but i maybe on my ipad on the app or on TS
busy= i am busy doing sothmthing or platying with my freends
looking to play or trade= i am l looking to play because i am bord/ i am looking to trade
offline= i am in bed or out of the house
if you see a phone icon i am on the stem app
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the rotten cage Oct 11 @ 7:44pm 
wanna ask you question having to do with Discord.
Papa John Aug 24 @ 3:55pm 
im just trying to figure how to get unbanned
Holly Aug 3 @ 11:51am 
Thank you Solomons, very cool!
Mexico Aug 3 @ 11:38am 
Im adding you to admit to myt rule breaking