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At first I wasn't completely sold on Redout the strandard modes were nice and the races fun at times but it lacked a spark.That all changed when I played the Boss race mode though. If anybody remember's and liked that old Hot Wheels movie (Hot Wheels World Race Highway 35) your in for a big surprise. The moment I played the boss mode it was like a wave of nostalgia washed over me it was like I was racing in the very races of that movie. The jumps, the teleports, the amazing tracks, the items all came together to create this nostalgic masterpiece. This game is without a doubt the BEST arcade racer of 2016!

I've only just gotten to the level two cars and the difference between level 1 and 2 is CRAZY. The amount of speed the level 2 cars have over level 1 is shocking to say the least. I'm having a hard time imagining what the level 3 car is going to handle like never mind the level 4 cars!

-The adrenaline rush is intense with pulse pounding speed.
-Amazing Graphics/Art style
-Stunning race tracks with loops, jumps, teleports, etc.
-Great stylized hover cars they each handle differently
-Lots of game modes
-Beautiful soundtrack (Still waiting for that ost guys)

-Needs more tracks: What they have is gorgeous but there's only 4 areas; lava, desert, artic, jungle. We could use some underwater or space themed ones.
-More cars: Again there's nothing wrong with what they have but more variety is always nice.
-Multiplayer is a bit of a ghost town a times but since i never bother with multiplayer your milage may vary.

-Could use a radio where we can play our own music while driving. Helps set the mood a bit

I give the game a 9/10! Amazing detail and love were thrown into the making of this game.

For those who don't know what hotwheels movie i was talking about:

EDIT: Now all i'm waiting for is for these guys to make an IGPX mech racing clone. If it's anything like this it will be amazing to say the least.

UPDATE: This game has earned my "Woooooah dude" award nomination of 2016.

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