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I deleted my discord account forever, it reminded me the time I expelled myself from college... Second best decision in my life!

he decidido hacer una lista de los servidores de discord que me han baneado, por que me cagan y lo digo publicamente, y pondre tambien los cojonudos que me han soportado aunque solo haya ido a echar mierda:

:cryst: rompebolas:cryst:
:LightBlueCube: Retrocord
:LightBlueCube: Lillith's Throne (no se si contarlo porque no digo ni pio)
:LightBlueCube: Sporewiki (no se si contarlo porque no puedo hablar ahi)

:steamsalty: Maricones :steamsalty:
:steamfacepalm: alias Rise of Cults II, me costo trabajo y muchos insultos pero logre que me banearan del tema flood del staff de RoC
:steamfacepalm: furryhate (solo dije "inquisitors are morons"... no aguantan nada)
:steamfacepalm: discord tipo Sporepedia2 en ingles...
:steamfacepalm: Rev22360, hipocrita al que le hice un meme y no aguanto ->
:steamfacepalm: se bajaron los packs y no quisieron jugar con el ganzo donal
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choices do not matter, except for either character progression ending or PLOTHOLE ENDING! Seriously, that ruined this angsty lesbian porn game
luca May 21 @ 1:17pm 
-rep not a nice guy at all
-rep toxic
Mail me to the Moon May 20 @ 3:33pm 
If you want to know who you can escalate your ban to please let me know. I've been very lenient with you man, and I'm still willing to unban you. But you need to Both A: Tone it down, and B: convince me you're willing to abide by the rules.
gl1tch May 17 @ 12:43pm 
Not interested, but thank you.
b a r r y . May 13 @ 11:48am 
random reply, do you get this much hatred from everyone because of your response in discussions? xD
Smartboy Dec 1, 2018 @ 1:46pm 
Added for double dragon neon
Rick Astley Oct 24, 2018 @ 10:27am 
Happy hallowen :D