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When the game released in January 2022 I decided to learn the game all over again, since the last time I played actual YGO was before all the Synchro, Xyz stuff came out and surprisingly, through my ADHD I'm still here... addicted and Yugipilled.

Building decks is pure fun. The game gives you a TON of gems when you start so you can build whatever deck you may enjoy right away, or if you're like me and prefer the gimmicky stuff or new and old meta decks with twists like Branded Despia Darklord, Harpie's Tri-Brigade and P.U.N.K. Tenyi Swordsoul or even adding my favourite Golden Boi to every archetype I want; you can do it too. The point is that you can simply build whatever you want... just beware that after a while you need to do the dailies and participate in events to get gems.

You can still get 1k gems consistently every week or so by letting your dailies stack up and doing them all in one day. Yes, you don't need to play every single day.

There's still a ton of content to come since we're behind the TCG/OCG by a bit but at least the banlists are making more sense here than over on the TCG side of things where the mine is still surprisingly mystic.

Save up your UR tokens for staple stuff like a playset (3 of if not limited) Ash Blossom, Maxx C, Called by the Grave and such so your climb to Diamond is easier... and about climbing, the game doesn't really reward progression. Your best bet is to get to Gold I every season (they last a month) so when it resets, you go back to Silver V and it's free 1k gems once again when you hit Gold I with ease since Plat and Diamond the sweat is real, which is fine, just frustrating sometimes. I got to Diamond once and never really tried again; I prefer staying in Gold to play my gimmick stuff and it's how I enjoy the game.

Solo mode is pretty good with nice stories and goodies alongside gems to obtain. I still want a proper singleplayer mode for the game and PvE events like in Duel Links but I guess we'll see if they will implement it or not. My hopes are up!

What is missing in my opinion are faster animations, a somewhat faster and fluid gameplay so we don't spend 5 minutes watching our opponents combo or whatever and a proper singleplayer mode like I've just mentioned.

Progression is fun and opening packs is just pure adrenaline, especially whenever a UR appears so it feeds my reward incentive like nothing else. Come over and enjoy the game! It's totally F2P and easy to get in thanks to the tutorials (there are many) but very hard to 'master', as if there's such a thing in Yu-Gi-Oh! Misplays are a feature of every player and we don't read cards anyway.

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