Jesus, Joseph and Doggy Style Mary   Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
the only thing im good at is being bad at everything
nobody is gon miss me
goodnight sweet prince..
failed hs girls dont lke me sis ate the last donut but bubble is on
Proudest achievement: beating jump_beef
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bonesetter Jun 6 @ 5:44am 
they call me pipegod blaze for a reason boyyy
tickle my pickle Jun 6 @ 5:38am 
och manno das gibts nicht
kripp's juicy butthole Jun 6 @ 4:37am 
fak u
Batman.flow May 30 @ 3:41pm 
Even if mirrin was unhealthy id still mirre this sick cunts chest gains
bonesetter May 22 @ 9:51pm 
jacked guy problems my boy.. jacked guy problems