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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Oct 25 @ 2:55am

Answering the Call

Talked to Catherine Chun
Unlocked Oct 26 @ 5:40am

Chasing Catherine

Discovered Lambda
Unlocked Oct 26 @ 7:43am


Crash-landed on peak Delta
Unlocked Oct 27 @ 7:07am


Discovered Theta
Unlocked Oct 27 @ 8:27am

Plan B

Failed at acquiring the DUNBAT
Unlocked Oct 29 @ 4:19am

Killed the Dream I Dreamed

Escaped Theta
Unlocked Oct 31 @ 12:40am

A New You

Changed body at Omicron
Unlocked Oct 31 @ 1:54am

Endangered Species

Met the last person left alive
Unlocked Oct 31 @ 2:15am

Your Expressway to the Stars

Reached the Omega Space Gun
Unlocked Oct 31 @ 2:45am

The End

They’re not us!