MC Mental is my spirit animal
The worst humanity has to offer   Brandenburg, Germany
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Blutwurst: drecks 1&1 die dreckigen Hurensöhne fiste ich alle weg

Jason Le: I like raping niggers

Doctor Fire: 16 and already dead inside xd

EpikEddik: Rasenmäher? So nenn ich das wenn man die Muschi leckt und dabei Haare rausbeißt.

Joni: Autism is my favourite language

EddyFaddy: Fuck me in the ass because I love Jesus!

FLAIR: Vielleicht lässt sich mein Game nicht starten weil du durch den Bildschirm so gay bist. SCHON MAL DARÜBER NACHGEDACHT?

Deema: Ist Kas wieder bekifft?

Anton, Laurids, Max und Kas: Aber sowas von.

Deema: Stimmt ist ja schon 17:00

JERICHO: i like to raid lobbies
JERICHO: dont mind me
JERICHO: just taking my 9/11 for a walk

Mastag: Dimitry's Arschloch landet später in der Aservatenkammer

Fabi: Du lässt dich einfach bei einem Christen entjuden

Doctor Fire / That one israeli: 17 years on the clock and finna shoot myself with a glock

I am the shipwreck with its scattered and soaked wood littering the ocean like a nest of roaches. The water smothers me patiently, and it waits to feel my body on the ocean floor.

I am the captain. I stand on my ship, never leaving its side, for tonight I sleep in a shark's stomach. The tears and rain both hit my face, as I lay on the deck and wait to drown.

I am the thunder. Hear me roar as I deafen all. I conduct my orchestra as loud as possible and conclude with a violent smash. I am washing the splinters from within my heart and I scream as it pumps. I let my lungs fill with water as the broken bath tub leaks.
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Jwam Jan 11 @ 11:49pm 
I can give my Tiger Tooth M9 bayonet for all of your csgo graffitties (Im collecting them) so if it's ok send me trade offer please. Trade link in my profile bio
HumanEvolution. Jan 1 @ 1:55pm 
Happy new year :fodbeer:!
Smoker Dec 27, 2018 @ 1:45pm 
deema is a beast
Darkwolf Dec 12, 2018 @ 2:20am 
My nibba
DanielssonXd Nov 7, 2018 @ 2:12pm 
yo accept me, we play tomorrow. good game today ! :) +rep
Lv99 Mafia Queen Oct 23, 2018 @ 6:49am