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I'm not trying to be anyone's savior, I'm just trying to think about the future and not be sad - Elon Musk

It's easy to demonize people, you're usually wrong about it - Elon Musk

I fear living a life where I could have accomplished something and didn't - Neil deGrasse Tyson

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If you're not succeeding,
Give up.
If you're not winning,
That means you're losing.
If life gets you down,
Stay there,
It's not worth getting up!
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Hi I'm DeDstar!
10.8 inches/360 (27.3 cm/360), 800 dpi and 1.9 in game.

Config and Hud <== (updated September 16th, 2019)

PC and Peripherals:
CPU: Intel Core i5 6600K OC'd to 4.4 GHz @1.35V
Graphics Cards: MSI GTX 960 Gaming 2G OC'd [Core: 1519MHz (+180MHz), Memory: 3903MHz (+400MHz)]
Motherboard: MSI Z170A Gaming Pro
Memory: G.SKILL 16GB 2400MHz DDR4 Ripjaws V OC'd to 2666MHz (13-14-14-34) @1.35V
SSD: Samsung 850 Pro 250GB
HDDs: WD Blue 1TB 7200RPM, Seagate Barracuda 2TB 7200RPM
Monitor: Nixeus Vue NX-VUE24A 144Hz

Mousepad: Steelseries Qck Heavy
Mouse: Logitech G502 w/ 3 weights in the middle
Keyboard: Durgod Taurus K310 Speed Silver Switch
Headphones: Massdrop x Koss KSC75X
Microphone: Takstar PC-K200


D3dSt4r []

chat stuff
2:48 PM - Thanny: im fragging
2:48 PM - Thanny: doesnt matter
2:49 PM - DeDstar: :steamfacepalm:
*3 minutes later*
2:52 PM - Thanny: these
2:53 PM - Thanny: div3
2:53 PM - Thanny: are dumb
2:53 PM - Thanny: af
2:53 PM - DeDstar: xd

breadyyy : wanna hear my bathtime stroy?
D3Dstar™ : yes
breadyyy : i used to shower with my sister
breadyyy : i just saw her wet pussy............
cw : is she hot?
breadyyy : i grab it
cw : wtf
breadyyy : and ITS SO SOLF
breadyyy : okay wtf
D3Dstar™ : ...........
breadyyy : wtf bready

5:30 PM - TMG DeDstar: a nap should only be
5:30 PM - TMG DeDstar: 30 minutes :v
5:30 PM - TMG DeDstar: the perect nap is 27 minutes :v
5:30 PM - CabbageofLove: yeah
5:31 PM - TMG DeDstar: *perfect
5:31 PM - CabbageofLove: its not really a nap
5:31 PM - TMG DeDstar: wtf 4 hours nap how will you sleep at night then
5:31 PM - CabbageofLove: its like a 2 hour fap session
5:31 PM - TMG DeDstar: ...
5:31 PM - CabbageofLove: plus napping in between
5:31 PM - TMG DeDstar: holy
5:31 PM - CabbageofLove: nap fap nap fap
5:31 PM - CabbageofLove: sorta like that
5:31 PM - TMG DeDstar: wtf is this...
5:31 PM - CabbageofLove: this is what happens on saturday afternoon
5:32 PM - TMG DeDstar: ...

*having a pug then suddenly derpio disconnects*
10:39 PM - Derpio: Mẹ em bảo em đi ngủ, nên em dis
10:39 PM - Derpio: :3
10:39 PM - Derpio: Vì mai thi học sinh giỏi

8:23 PM - lost.: Đe
8:23 PM - lost.: DeD*
8:23 PM - lost.: more like
8:23 PM - lost.: fuck telex
8:23 PM - lost.: i mean
8:23 PM - lost.: DeDInside
8:23 PM - lost.: xdddddddd
8:25 PM - DeD: your sense of humor is next to non-existent
8:25 PM - DeD: lost. ? more like lostsenseofhumor
8:25 PM - lost.: like my self esteem
8:25 PM - lost.: hahahahahaha
8:25 PM - lost.: :^))))))
8:25 PM - lost.: next level of self roast
8:26 PM - DeD: why are you still living again?
8:26 PM - lost.: dunno man

EPIC Binds
Salty: Informal word for tough/agressive
*SPEC* [Santa] legends never die : u dont even know how to play mge u low iq
on9 aim : imma give all my stuff to dedstar and quit this game
naygt. : white indian llllloool
Carolyn : i didnt know a guy play so well in mge can play so shitty in serious fight lol
Asianboyh: Naruto they have chakra, Dragon Ball they have ki, here we have Shamalama Ding Dong.
Gh0sty™: dumb thing ever
Gh0sty™: but atleast im better than you
Gh0sty™: Playing osu will improve your tracking in TF2
Gh0sty™: daddy issue? more like a fucking issue
Gh0sty™: ok there was a messy in our team
Gh0sty™: do i look like a choke to you?
Gh0sty™: tell me to stfu when you are low div 3
Gh0sty™: never so mad in my intire life
Gh0sty™: are you fucking retard?
Vietnam Pipe : im on weeb right now fuck

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