Debjit Mukherjee   Bagnan, West Bengal, India
You there! Hey!:facesavouringdeliciousfood:⠀Call me Debjit. I'm from India. In one sentence: I'm a fun, experienced & sensitive person with Social Anxiety. Needless to say that I'm an introvert.⠀:sdsn:Click "View more info" to know more.

So, you want to know more about me. That's very interesting.

I'm very reserved & a bit sensitive person. Not a very good conversationalist, if you are looking to chat. But don't hesitate to send me a message at any time to talk about anything you would like.⠀:wtf_:
I've been suffering from depression & anxiety for so many years, which has led to P. F. D. & because of all that, I've become partially disabled. I can go outside but not without an intense struggle with Social Anxiety & pain due to P. F. D.⠀:bnm:
I like memes & have a really weird sense of humor. I play games & watch TV all the time. I love watching Hollywood movies & comedy shows. I don't like almost any Indian movies or TV shows. I like technological news & watching fun stuff online.⠀:aiheihei:
I play games whenever I can. I listen to songs & soundtracks from games or movies in my free time. I respect everyone who doesn't offend or judge me or anyone else. I'm also very honest & don't lie to anybody unless it's absolutely necessary.:ho_ho:

Thanks for visiting my profile, I hope this will help you to get to know me better. Keep smiling & happy gaming!:steamy:

Feel free to add me as a friend on Uplay!
I won't publicly disclose my Uplay username here as I don't just add anyone there.

:correctamundo:⠀€Here's how you can add me on Uplay: []

:BishopFinger:⠀Open the Uplay PC client.

:BishopFinger:⠀Click on "Friends and groups".

:BishopFinger:⠀From there, click on "Add friends".

:BishopFinger:⠀In that new window, select "Import friends from Steam".

:BishopFinger:⠀Select my profile there & click on "Add to friends".

:yoba::ldhand:Message me on Steam afterwards, or your friend request will be deleted.

I'm on other gaming networks & services as well but I currently have no interest in making any friends there.

To the people who want to scam me or try to use social engineering techniques:

:Overdollar:⠀Trust me, your scamming attempt is never going to work. If I suspect a scam attempt, I'll report your profile & the trade to Steam and / or report your account to Steam Support. I'll also keep a record of our chat log, if it's needed to prove the scam attempt to Steam or any reputed third-party website(s).

:brain:⠀You're welcome to try & use social engineering tactics on me. I'm always looking to increase my skills in that area. It'll be a waste of your time but could prove useful to me. I'll still report you if you go too far.

Notes to beggars:

:mystbox:⠀I give away Steam keys every once in a while. I can't do anything if you weren't fast enough to get it. Since I'm not a "service" that gives away games for free, I'll do giveaways only if I want to.

:IMCRYING:I won't give you free items or anything that I don't need except coupons. I've got a fairly large inventory & of course, I don't need to have everything. But that doesn't mean I should give my stuff to people for free. Repeated begging will get you unfriended.

:TryAgain:⠀I don't like referral links. Don't ask me if I want free stuff from sketchy website(s). I'm also not interested in buying naked pictures or videos as there's free porn available online. Phishing attempts won't work on me & I'd have to report you if I find anything suspicious.

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I usually confirm all my trades within 5 minutes after accepting it. I never trade through any third-party website(s) or service(s)! I'm into Profile Backgrounds & Emoticons only and most of the time, I offer Gems in return. All of my duplicate stuff are up for trades, so feel free to browse through my inventory. I don't usually trade my Cards though. I have no interest in in-game items of any games. It's always best to discuss the creation of the offer via chat before sending a trade request right away. Trade offers with significant price difference will likely be declined. Donations are always welcome! Click to trade. :Sugar_Click:
:planetearth: Adding rules: I'm always looking for new friends until I've reached the maximum limit. :planetearth:
:GoodA: I'm a 'Friend Collector' but I'm moderately active on the Activity Feed & respond to chats. :dinocoffee:
:ok_ay:⠀Profile should be visible to "Friends" or "Public", please don't add me if your profile is "Private".
:ok_ay:⠀Speak and post in English / Hindi / Bengali. Stuff on your profile in other languages doesn't matter.
:ok_ay:⠀Have at least 10 games in your Steam library and a profile picture. Levels don't matter to me much.
:CorpsWarning:⠀I only join official groups and / or groups with 1000+ members. Don't spam group or chat invitations.
:CorpsWarning:⠀You have to come "Online" at least once in 1 month. Leave a notice on your profile for breaks.
:CorpsWarning:⠀I only do "Rate for Rate". No "Comment for Comment", "+Rep for +Rep", "Favorite for Favorite" etc.
:stop_sign_shield:⠀Steam profile name should never point to any website(s) or have any URL next to it / attached to it.
:stop_sign_shield:⠀Account must never have any VAC bans / Game bans / Trade bans / Community bans / Warning(s)!
:allseeing: If you break any mentioned conditions after being my friend, I'd have to unfriend you! :allseeing:
⠀⠀:sand: All of my online statuses on Steam, what they mean and their detailed explanation. :sand:
You're always welcome to comment on my profile but if I find something inappropriate, I'll delete that.
:smilememes: Online: ⋙ I'm online! Feel free to send a message & start a conversation with me about anything.
:trophy: In-Game: ⋙ I'm playing a game, wait for me to respond to you, this could take up to 10+ minutes.
:M2H: In-App: ⋙ I'm using a software, wait for me to respond to you, this could take about 5+ minutes.
:pooplaugh: Away: ⋙ Steam is open but I'm not active. Leave your message(s) & I shall respond when I'm back.
:kamoon: Snooze: ⋙ This happens if there's no activity on my PC for 2 hours, I've most likely fallen asleep.
:darkghost: Offline: ⋙ Either I'm updating or downloading content(s) in Invisible status or doing stuff at home.
:bluequestion: In non-Steam game: ⋙ This could mean a number of things. I use it to set a custom status. Please ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀check the name of the 'non-Steam game' to see what it currently means.
------------------------------⠀ :point_right: You can find some personal info below :point_left:⠀ ------------------------------
:MrP: Gender : Male. :malegender: Sexuality : Straight. :tinybag: Work : None, I'm almost disabled. :buddhistsymbol: Religion : Hindu.
:SGunPC: PC experience: Web design, Multimedia editing, Hardware modding, Repairing basic to medium level hardware, Personalized BIOS creator, Sketchy programs builder, Custom Linux OS developer.
:heliport: Hobbies: Gaming, Tinkering with Android, Hacking & modding, Collector with OCD, Antiques lover, Great interest in knowing how different medicines work, Psychoanalysis & reverse-psychoanalysis.
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I know there are already several guides available on Steam that explains how to create your own animated artworks for Steam's Artwork Showcase. While all of them are great and useful, most of them requires you to have the knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and /
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Updated review of this game and Ubisoft Support.
I have removed all the messy parts and tried to make everything as clear as I could.

I bought this game with the Year 2 Season Pass shortly after its release (a long time ago).

Downloaded the game. Started playing what felt like tutorial missions from "Situations" and changed some controls to my liking.

Played a few matches from "Terrorist Hunt" mode. Then started a "Casual" multiplayer game. The community seemed nice and all the missions and matches had ended normally. I was able to close the game without any kind of warnings / errors / bans or kick-outs.

Not long after that, I received an email from Ubisoft saying that I have been permanently banned for violating the "Code of Conduct". There was no mention of which part of the conduct.

Then I opened the game and it displayed a ban message for "multiple cheating offences" and locked out almost all of the features the game has to offer.

Unfortunately I had spent more than 2 hours just by playing those single-player tutorial missions from "Situations", so Steam rejected my refund request.

I contacted Ubisoft's customer support to know the detailed reason and their response was:

"This message is to inform you that following a decision from ourselves, we are no longer able to provide support to you. Any future cases you send will be reviewed and then closed, unless we deem support necessary. This extends to all our support services, and the chat system will no longer process you into the queue for assistance."

I have been playing so many games for the past 18 years and this is the first game I have been banned on.

This was my experience of this game, now it is up to you to decide whether to buy it or not.

I rate it Ubisoft out of Ubisoft.

Review of this game has come to an end. Keep reading to know more about this incident.

Anyways, I was determined to know the reason of the ban even though they had partially "Support-Banned" my account.
After nearly 1 year of fighting with Ubisoft Support, they have made some things clear:

1. They have admitted that I did not use any third-party programs or modified the game in any way.

2. They actually did say that they are not accusing me of cheating / being a cheater.
Because I did not cheat and they obviously can not or does not want to provide any proof of anything.

3. This part of the conduct got me permanently banned: "The following list of forbidden conduct gives examples of unacceptable behaviour, but should not be considered exhaustive."
Now to be clear, the line "should not be considered exhaustive" basically means that Ubisoft can ban you just for opening the game, if they want to.

4. When I asked them about the above loophole, their response was: "The game team are not liable to inform players of every action that can lead to a ban, as this is left to the player to make a fair judgement on what is considered fair use of the game."
I did say many times that I consider all of my actions in the game to be fair but they decided to just ignore it. I do not know which action of mine was considered an unfair use of the game by Ubisoft.

5. Most important of all, they said that my ban was a manual / enforced ban.
Not an automated ban by BattlEye or FairFight. Or any other anti-cheat system this game may have.
Which confirms again that I have not used any hacks / cheats in the game. According to them, automated false-positive bans can be lifted but "enforced" (manual) bans can not be appealed. Therefore, my first appeal was denied and their policy does not allow players to make a second appeal.

So, do I know the exact reason of the ban? I do not and probably never will. But that is all I could get out of Ubisoft Support and I believe these are more than enough to prove that I have not cheated in this game in any way.
Their excuse to not tell me the exact reason for the enforced / manual ban was:

"We do not discuss bans for Rainbow 6 Siege and are under no obligation to provide proof or investigation findings into your ban".

That was everything I could get from Ubisoft before their UK Team Lead decided to issue a full "Support-Ban" to my account:

"After careful consideration of your recent actions and interactions with support, we have decided to withdraw support for you. As a result, we will no longer respond to your cases and they will be closed".

That was followed by a threat of permanent deletion of my level 59 Uplay account that has 60+ games:

"If you continue to do this, one of the outcomes of our disciplinary policy is potentially an account termination".

I had been a huge fan of Ubisoft since its Prince of Persia series and later, the Assassin's Creed franchise. I have tons of very expensive collectibles and some really permanent things related to Assassin's Creed. I think at the time of the ban, my Uplay account level was 57, this was long before they made their profile leveling system laughably easy. This did not change their minds however, to make an exception. Here is the message from their UK Team Lead regarding this:

"I understand that you are clearly a very avid gamer and a longtime fan of Ubisoft. I appreciate that you have a high level of dedication to your account that I have only seen a small handful of players surpass, and I do commend you for that. Whilst I appreciate your dedication, I cannot make exception to any situation that has led to a permanent ban, this is not based on your personal circumstances, more the actions taken on the account."

Now I can no longer get help or support for any of my other Uplay / Ubisoft games and any issues related to my account. If you ask me if all this was worth it, I will say yes. I did my best to get to the very bottom of this issue but I am not fool enough to risk losing my account along with all my games which are mostly expensive editions of AAA titles. This was however, a very sad experience for me to say the least.

Anyways, as you can probably see, they have taken full advantage of their End User License Agreement (EULA) in my case.

They went full Ubisoft. Never go full Ubisoft.

Please read this section before commenting:

Needless to say that read the full review before commenting with an open mind!

Note that I bought this game a long time ago and back then Ubisoft did not announce or have a zero-tolerance policy and permanent bans against any offensive words. I do not remember using anything offensive, there was no need to get angry or be offensive on the first match. I am sure most of you will agree that the first multiplayer match on any online game is all about the experience and not about winning / losing at all.

I will not tolerate any comments that accuses me of being a cheater / hacker in this game! Therefore, any such comments will be deleted by me. As Ubisoft did not tell me the exact reason for the ban and can not / does not want to provide any proof, I will delete any and all comments that says I had cheated in this game. I believe that everyone has the right to know the exact reason of a ban for any game.

And lastly, I would like to remind everyone that this is not a forum post. I do not need unwanted accusations from anyone. Your understanding is very much appreciated.

I have turned on comments for now but they will be disabled at any time, depending on the number of fanboy / troll / irrational / blaming comments.
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Dont stay too long under the AC, :flake: otherwise u can get cold! Have a nice weekend! :stickmanlaughing:
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it breaks my heart that you are depressed all the time.
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