"Gameplay is king, but story is queen and her throne is right next to his." ~ Joseph A
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Welcome to my profile. I am just an ordinary 35 yo man, fortunately I'm not single, lol. Building gunpla and gaming is my hobby, but this might change after I get married this year (hopefully, damn you covid!)
Add me if you like, if you wanna play together or casual chat.

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Yep, I am a big fan of Yakuza series since the first time I played it on PS2, I plat the whole series on my PSN account, I will double dip when the rest of Yakuza series (including Judgement) come to PC. Nothing more masculine than Kiryu singing Baka Mitai in karaoke club:lunar2019laughingpig:

To be continued when I get the mood to write more about me self....
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Would you kindly? This game is gold, and I cant believe I didnt play this 9 years ago back when the time Bioshock was released. I thought this was a generic FPS, I was wrong.

- Story is brilliant.
- Horror atmosphere
- Graphic's good
- Tonic plasmid system, I love the sight of splicers getting electrocuted
- Big daddy

- ♥♥♥♥ Spider splicer
- Big daddy
- Me for playing this game 9 years later after it's release

This is the root of Bioshock Infinite, where all the mind blowing, confusing story begins. Buy it and 'Welcome to the Rapture'!!
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Testament rocks!!
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Created by - ✪ OberSp[A]ltPilz
This is an easy to understand 100% achievement guide with all necessary informations and explanations to all the single achievements of Titan Quest Anniversary Edition. Have fun!

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you are awesome
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main the forest ko
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ay, nice!
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Hello, how did you unlock the "Party Animal" achievement in "How to survive 2" ? I can not do it :steamsad: With SAM Maybe ?
Yousoro~ Jul 27, 2018 @ 6:56am 
Hello :2018salienpsychic: