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Video Editor For :
Whatever It Takes Wit.GG
Faceit Pregame

Past Work : Reliable Gaming Network (RGN)
Tempo Gaming (Graphics)

"I found the power button, it's on the bottom of the computer, that's stupid. Oh wait, its upside down." ~Lumberjack 2013

A momentary flash of consciousness between two eternal blacknesses.
Famous Chat Logs

7:08 PM - slowest carbine in the game: its like 2 - 3 inches and boss as fuck

11:43 PM - asdqwe.: na ur good
11:43 PM - Murderface: ty

11:44 PM - Murderface: srsly
11:44 PM - Murderface: tell me
11:44 PM - asdqwe.: lol
11:45 PM - asdqwe.: stick with the heavy
11:45 PM - asdqwe.: ur good at it

7:00 AM - asdqwe.: i take iv's of it while i game
7:00 AM - asdqwe.: and in my downtime enimas

4:45 PM - Deku Nuts-: my #1 rule always is
4:45 PM - Deku Nuts-: im on drugs
4:45 PM - Deku Nuts-: relax
4:46 PM - Deku Nuts-: cause i get myself worked up
4:46 PM - Deku Nuts-: and have like a panic attack
4:46 PM - Deku Nuts-: and ill always be like
4:46 PM - Deku Nuts-: NO
4:46 PM - Deku Nuts-: IM ON DRUGS

meet optimus prime: our chem is lover like
meet optimus prime: LOL!

5:16 AM - IиsoLєиT » asdqwe: he was blowing me

1:06 AM - nova: i havent touched it in awhile

10:50 PM - Shawn[dep]: im not a man

9:40 AM - ydkm.: thanks for the walls

8:08 PM - Casca`Ekvall: jag är hög som fan , ska kolla på min film igen

1:48 AM - Rct. B. Celts [1st SAS]: i like child porn

4:50 AM - crypt keeper.: i just dont like niggers

༼ᕤຈل͜ຈ༽ᕤ RAZE YOUR SHADOWS ༼ᕤຈل͜ຈ༽ᕤ

Kroeker: god damn
Kroeker: i thought he was kidding
Kroeker: we all lost our admin
Kroeker: ...
AFKings- CaNNiBaL: he never kids
AFKings- CaNNiBaL: he too strong
Kroeker: hahahahaha
Kroeker: we must call to goku for help


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