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Little info about me
:torchboundguardian:Hello, my name is DΔrk
:torchboundguardian:I am from Czech Republic , small country besides Germany and Poland
:torchboundguardian:My anime list is in the decription on my profile :cocochan2:
:torchboundguardian:My favorite games is CS:GO ,Team Fortress 2,LoL
:torchboundguardian:Most favorite neko is :nekoheart: Maple :maple2::maplechan:
:torchboundguardian:My favorite maps is Mirage,Cache,Inferno
:torchboundguardian:My favorite players:Kennys,S1mple,Coldzera,Niko,Fallen,Boltz,fer,rain :csgohelmet:
:torchboundguardian:My CS:GO rank is :SpRad_ThumbsUp: Distinguished Master Guardian
Small :alertalert:rules:alertalert: you must follow, to be FRIEND:drstar:
:torchboundguardian:Higher than 4 level on Steam :dropcat:
:torchboundguardian:More than 16 years old:droptear:
:torchboundguardian:Must not have a :fistl:VacBan:BrownCow:
:torchboundguardian:Must be active at least once a week
:torchboundguardian:Dont spam:Speech_Alert:

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