Khai Nguyen   California, United States
Ex-semi pro R6S
:P::A::Y: TRADE OFFER :P::A::Y: Follow =>

Config CSGO:
viewmodel_fov 60 or 68
cl_crosshairgap -1.5
cl_crosshairsize 1.5
cl_crosshaircolor 1
cl_crosshairalpha 200

bind "kp_end" " buy smokegrenade; buy flashbang; buy flashbang; buy hegrenade;"

bind "kp_downarrow" " buy flashbang; buy flashbang; buy incgrenade; buy molotov; buy molotov; buy incgrenade;"
bind "kp_pgdn" " buy defuser;"

bind "kp_ins" " buy vesthelm; buy vest;"

bind "kp_del" " buy vest;"

bind "uparrow" "buy hegrenade;"
bind "downarrow" "buy flashbang;"
bind "rightarrow" "buy molotov; buy incgrenade;"
bind "leftarrow" "buy smokegrenade;"

bind "F3" "buy m4a1; buy ak47;"

bind "F2" "buy tec9; buy fiveseven;"

bind "F1" "buy awp;"

bind "MWHEELUP" "+jump"

sensitivity 5.5
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★Hello!! My name is above. I am trading for Skins/Games/Money(No PayPal)


:orb: Trading for others guns, before adding leave a comment below if not i'll ignore your request.

:orb: In every Offer, pls write something that will make the trade feel fair :) so i can accept it. My Offer link is on the top of my profile.

:orb: I don't have any bank or PayPal, so don't add when you have PayPal and want to buy my items.

:orb: Scammers, Sharkers don't add me because you will get S*** from me. If your inventory is Private also Ignore or Block!

:orb: PLS!! Be friendly :) cuz i don't want to unfriend you :D

:orb: Upgrade or Downgrade my guns for a better guns. It should be good looking, or not it will be a decline from me srr :( . Downgrade which mean you need to overpay me with some more skins, games, or moneys.

:orb: I will accept only Steam Wallet, which mean you will go first no matter what, but if you have more +REP than me, then i will go first :D

:orb: I will Ignore any PROFILE that is under 5. If you are below, pls cmt on my PROFILE to persuade me that you are not a Scammer or a Sharker.

:bored: You should have any special items in your inventory.

:bored: Your CS:GO time need to be more than 50 hours, or not will be block or ignore.

=>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Final Thing<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<=
:orb: If you respect, i will respect you. Thks for reading this far, this mean you already respect me thks :D :orb:
Dominator Jul 11 @ 4:12am 
Hey! Can you add me just for a little chat? I couldn't send you friend request...
76561198293256597 Jun 22 @ 7:32am 
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Pauni Apr 30 @ 10:12am 
Hеy bro, I'vе playеd cs against you rеcеntly and I'd like to invitе you in our tеam. Hеrе's my main account, add mе plеasе . We're planning to compete in some tourney, I think we have good chances with you especially :)