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A Little Chatty

Meow 100 times.
Unlocked Jul 25 @ 12:29pm


Jump 500 times.
Unlocked Jul 25 @ 12:38pm

No More Lives

Die 9 times.
Unlocked Aug 5 @ 2:47pm

Missed Jump

Fall inside the city.
Unlocked Jul 24 @ 9:50am

Not Alone

Meet B-12.
Unlocked Jul 25 @ 11:57am

Cat Got Your Tongue?

Have B-12 translate a robot.
Unlocked Jul 25 @ 12:07pm


Reach Midtown.
Unlocked Jul 28 @ 12:40pm


Go to jail.
Unlocked Aug 5 @ 2:26pm

Eye Opener

Complete the game and open the city.
Unlocked Aug 5 @ 3:07pm

Curiosity Killed the Cat

Wear the paper bag.
Unlocked Jul 25 @ 12:13pm


Try to play mahjong with the robots.
Unlocked Jul 28 @ 12:28pm

Productive Day

Sleep for more than one hour.

Boom Chat Kalaka

Dunk the basketball.

I Am Speed

Complete the game in less than 2 hours.


Bring all the music sheets to Morusque.

Cat's best friend

Nuzzle up against 5 robots.

Télé à chat

Browse through all of the TV channels.


Collect all badges.


Scratch in every chapter.

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