Mr. Water
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fairly confident that even if i became a rat some how, i still would not want to fuck any of the other rats
YuNg BrUhGeRzZz 17 hours ago 
try thrust, crab Jul 7 @ 12:20pm 
Let's get one thing about me "straight" up front. When it comes to sexuality, I'm a as hetero as they come. If a gay guy came on I'd be like, "No way, bro I'm a straight-up party boy who's into chicks." Yup, one gay dude wouldn't stand a chance. It would take at least four or five gay guys strapping me down to make it inside me. Sorry, fellas, that's just how straight I am. And even then I wouldn't make it easy. I'd be like, "Hey look! There's George Michael!" And they'd all shriek "Where" at once, and I'd make a break for it, and they'd be like, "He's getting away Chase him! I want his butt!" But I wouldn't just give them my butt. They'd have to take it. And once they got me strapped down, I'd stop fighting it because that would be giving them what they want. And I don't want them to enjoy it. If anyone's going to enjoy it, it's going to be me. So, I'd just relax into it and taunt them by telling them how ripped and sexy I find them
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wow apt racist trying to get rid of the yellow. yikerZ