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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Jun 6 @ 9:41am


You have reached Level 99.
Unlocked Apr 12 @ 3:13am

Half Empty? Half Full!

You have reached Level 50.
Unlocked Jun 4 @ 7:58am

S Rank Master

Acquired S Rank for 100 times.
Unlocked Jun 4 @ 7:24am

Succeeding You Father

Gave Host to other user in Open Match.
Unlocked Sep 14 @ 8:53am

Testing Your Skills

Cleared 30 patterns with difficulty level 10 or higher in MAX COMBO.
Unlocked Apr 12 @ 3:13am

Super Rookie

You have reached Level 10.
Unlocked Sep 14 @ 8:08am

A Smooth Ride

Cleared 10 missions.
Unlocked Sep 10 @ 11:39am

Hidden Talent

Cleared 100 patterns in MAX COMBO.
Unlocked Apr 12 @ 3:13am

Combo Meister

Accomplished 100000 combos.
Unlocked Apr 12 @ 3:13am

The Gear of All Gears

Acquired 10 Gears.
Unlocked Apr 12 @ 3:13am

Everything about Notes

Acquired 10 Notes.
Unlocked Apr 12 @ 3:13am

My Little Gallery

Acquired 100 Images.
Unlocked Jun 3 @ 8:15am

Slang Festival

Acquired 50 Comments.
Unlocked Apr 12 @ 3:13am


Cleared 10 patterns with difficulty level 10 or higher in MAX COMBO.
Unlocked Apr 12 @ 3:13am

Jaw Dropping Performance

Cleared with 5000 or more combos.
Unlocked Sep 18 @ 12:14pm

Plate Collector

Acquired 30 plates.
Unlocked Apr 12 @ 3:13am


Found a hidden BGA for the first time.
Unlocked Apr 12 @ 3:30am

Maybe Next Time..

Cleared with a single BREAK.
Unlocked Jun 4 @ 7:09am

Hopefully This Achievement Will Help You Keep Calm

Failed a stage for the first time.
Unlocked Sep 19 @ 12:19am


Cleared all Groove Coaster tracks with S rank.
Unlocked Jun 6 @ 9:54am

Let Me Be "Fail" On These

Cleared all BLACK SQUARE songs in S Rank.
Unlocked Jun 4 @ 8:23am

Are you sure you want a BLACK SQUARE song?

Cleared the same BLACK SQUARE pattern with MAX COMBO in OPEN MATCH.
Unlocked Sep 10 @ 10:51am

The Mastermind

Cleared Entrance with MAX COMBO.
Unlocked Sep 19 @ 12:20am

Can you hear me?

Used CYTUS UI Skin.


Collected all DJMAX RESPECT V Achievement.


Cleared 50 missions.

Break the Limit

Cleared 500 patterns in MAX COMBO.

Perfect Perfectionist

Accumulated 300,000,000 points.


Accomplished 999999 combos.

I Will Rule This Game

Cleared all songs.

JUST 100%

Cleared a pattern with PERFECT PLAY.

Rift Rivals

Scored draw in Ladder Match.

Started DJMAX Online

Reached 80% of Master Score with any button.

You Must Be a Pro

Cleared 30 missions.

Combos First!

Cleared 300 patterns in MAX COMBO.

Diligence will pay off one day

Accumulated 200,000,000 points.

Too Much Talker

Commented in 10 tracks in AIR.

Fingers Outpace Notes

Cleared 50 patterns with difficulty level 10 or higher in MAX COMBO.

You're So Into This

Reached 40% of Master Score with any button.

Golden Ladder

Promoted to GOLD in Ladder Match.

It's Party Time

All players cleared a track with MAX COMBO in Open Match.

Try try

Played Open Match 100 times.

No One likes to Lose

Recorded 1st in a Open Match.

Become an NB RANGER

Watched all Music Videos of NB RANGER Series in Collection.

Each Single Point Counts

Accumulated 100,000,000 points.

The Dark Dragon Awakens

Promoted to SILVER in Ladder Match.

Can't Believe I am Bronze

Promoted to BRONZE in Ladder Match.

Time To Show Up

Played a Ladder Match for the first time.


Commented in AIR.


Played AIR for the first time.

Heart Singal

Used Heart Sticker in AIR.

DJ Alpha Live

Played your favorite track in AIR.

Thank You for Playing

Watched CREDITS for the first time.


Cleared all V EXTENSION tracks with S rank.

Not Expected

Cleared Starlight Guitar mission.

Collect Collect

Earned 10 V EXTENSION Images.

Collecting Desire Never Ends

Earned 3 V EXTENSION Plates.

New Track Review

Commented in V EXTENSION track in AIR.

Can't stop SC

Cleared V EXTENSION track's SC pattern with MAX COMBO.

Where Did You Come From…?

Cleared all TRILOGY songs in S Rank.

That's Gotta be My Girlfriend!

All players cleared "Someday" with MAX COMBO in Open Match.

Do You Believe?

Cleared "My Jealousy" with MAX COMBO in Open Match.

Here Comes a New Skin...!


Don't Miss Out On Upcoming Events!

Cleared "DJMAX RESPECT U" Mission.

Give you a USB Instead

Put one of TRILOGY track to My Favorite Songs.

Let Me Be "Clear" On These

Cleared all Clazziquai Edition songs in S Rank.

Welcome to the CLUB TOUR

Cleared "Electronic City".

Get Down

Saw "Dana" 10 times with First Kiss Gear.

What Makes A Professional Rhythm Gamer

Cleared all patterns of a track of Clazziquai Edition with MAX COMBO.

CE Style

Cleared Lover(CE Style) and Y(CE Style) with MAX COMBO.

Metro Project

Cleared a Clazziquai Edition track in OPEN MATCH with all different patterns.

Do you want to try BLACK SQUARE?

Cleared a 100 pattern BLACK SQUARE song with MAX COMBO.

I'll go with Fermion

Cleared Fermion`s pattern with less than 20% HP gauge.


Cleared "RD Colosseum" Mission.

BS Style

Cleared Lover(BS Style) and Y(BS Style) with MAX COMBO.

Million Master

Cleared 3 patterns of CYTUS tracks with PERFECT PLAY.


Cleared L with MAX COMBO.


Earned 5 CYTUS Plates.


Cleared 42 DEEMO patterns.

Masked Lady

Acquired 10 DEEMO plates.


Failed to clear DEEMO track for the first time.


Cleared ANiMA with DEEMO Gear and Note.


Cleared all TECHNIKA songs in S rank.


Cleared the hidden pattern in MAX COMBO.

First Step Set Complete

Cleared all the songs in the "First Step" mission.

Stylish eSper Shooting Sports

Watched SuperSonic's music video in the COLLECTION mode.


Cleared "Mr.Perfect" mission.

You got a problem?

Acquired 5 plates for TECHNIKA.

I`ll be the POP MASTER

Cleared all TECHNIKA 2 songs in S rank.

So you were talented in the end

Cleared "STAR MIXING".


Used TECHNIKA 2 UI Skin.


Recorded TOP SCORE, RATE, COMBO in Open Match with TECHNIKA 2 track.


Cleared all TECHNIKA 3 songs in S rank.

1Day 1MAX

Cleared 10 patterns of TECHNIKA 3 with MAX COMBO.

Wow! New Track!

Cleared ALiCE with MAX COMBO.


Acquired 10 TECHNIKA 3 Song Images.

Absolutely, Do Missions

Played all missions in "POP MIXING".

Sweep Up

Recorded TOP SCORE, RATE, COMBO in Open Match with TECHNIKA 3 track.

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