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Personal Achievements

Optimal Opportunist

Took 100 Shutter Chance shots.
Unlocked Nov 24 @ 6:53am

Fatal Frame Fiend

Took 100 Fatal Frame shots.
Unlocked Nov 7 @ 3:25am

Lurking in the Deep

Cleared the Prologue.
Unlocked Oct 28 @ 4:07am

A Vanishing Trace

Cleared the First Drop.
Unlocked Oct 28 @ 4:38am

Mt. Hikami

Cleared the Second Drop.
Unlocked Oct 28 @ 6:25am

Postmortem Photography

Cleared the Third Drop.
Unlocked Nov 7 @ 2:52am

Spirited Away

Cleared the Fourth Drop.
Unlocked Nov 7 @ 5:13am

The Veiled House

Cleared the Fifth Drop.
Unlocked Nov 9 @ 7:23am

Immortal Flower

Cleared the Sixth Drop.
Unlocked Nov 10 @ 6:17am

Maiden of Black Water

Cleared the Seventh Drop.
Unlocked Nov 19 @ 5:56am

The Witching Hour

Cleared the Eighth Drop.
Unlocked Nov 19 @ 6:39am

The Sacred Casket

Cleared the Ninth Drop.
Unlocked Nov 21 @ 6:36am

Ghost Marriage

Cleared the Tenth Drop.
Unlocked Nov 21 @ 7:41am

The Shadowborn

Cleared the Eleventh Drop.
Unlocked Nov 24 @ 5:35am

To the Other Side

Cleared the Twelfth Drop.
Unlocked Nov 24 @ 7:05am

The Dark Sun

Cleared the Thirteenth Drop.
Unlocked Nov 28 @ 4:15am

One to Nothing

Defeated a ghost in one shot.
Unlocked Oct 28 @ 5:50am

Vengeance Evader

Dodged a ghost hand 5 times.
Unlocked Nov 10 @ 3:11am


Consumed Herbal Medicine 20 times within a single episode.
Unlocked Nov 10 @ 4:51am

Extra Exorcism

Defeated multiple ghosts simultaneously.
Unlocked Nov 7 @ 4:32am

Contest Contender

Opened Snap Mode for the first time.
Unlocked Oct 28 @ 4:45am

Exorcism Embarkation

Defeated a ghost for the first time.
Unlocked Oct 28 @ 4:34am

Frame Fatalist

Unlocked all achievements in "FATAL FRAME / PROJECT ZERO: Maiden of Black Water."

Upgrade Ultraist

Made maximum upgrades to camera and lenses.

Peerless Perfectionist

Cleared all episodes with a top rating.

Crazed Completist

Cleared all episodes with a 100% completion rate.

Record Reaper

Collected all files.

Glancing Great

Glanced all targets.

Second Sight

Photographed all specters.


Photographed all traces.

Black-Water Bester

Defeated 30 ghosts while tainted.

Burst Shooter

Photographed the same subject 10 times in a row.

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