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A witty, pixel art platformer/brawler in the same vein as the MegaMan series, featuring a scatterbrained chimera named Chelsia (the titular Khimera) who's tasked to beat up a gang of monstrous old-timey pirates after they raid her island. And oh yes, the game's free.

The Good:
+Witty, tongue-in-cheek writing.
+Tight play controls
+Relatively high diffilcuty balanced by unlimited continues.
+Plenty of secrets and extra modes.
+Controller button mapping for several styles of controllers.
+Catchy, 16 bit-era soundtrack. (Which is available to listen to as .ogg files in the game's directory).
+Free. Even the entirely-cosmetic DLC is $0.99.
+Free after story scenario (The Hallow--err, Harvest Festival.)

The Bad:
-Game's over-reliance on Chelsia's dash move might be offputting to some.
-WIndows OS only.
-No Steam Cloud support, so save games have to be manually transferred.

Verdict: Why are you still reading this when you could be punching monster girls?
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Three Point Landing: Release Edition.
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Does exploring make you imagine a guard saying, "Heard they're reforming the Torchguard. Miru hunters or something, in the old fort, near Leafiton. Might consider joining up myself"? Do you think your pet Pigsy would make an excellent huscarl? Then try o
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