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Banana Peel Moment

Fail to Flee three times in one battle
Unlocked Nov 11 @ 11:53pm

Blaze it

Collect 420 Stones
Unlocked Nov 12 @ 12:08am

X Marks The Thingy

Find a buried treasure
Unlocked Nov 12 @ 1:10am

Holo There

Tame a holographic Spirit

You're A Real Alchemist Now

Spend a year away from home

Offishally Reel-ly Good At Fishing

Catch 100 fish

They Said Yes!

Have a villager accept a Moonstone Bracelet

Where's Waldo? In Your Heart

Go steady with Magic Man

Been There, Dunj That

Clear all the dungeons

Temple Tamer

Clear all the temples

Nature Is Healing

Close the Rift

Gotta Catch Some Of Them

Tame 10 Spirits

Hope You've Got A Lot Of Moonstone Stalls

Tame 100 Spirits

Gotta Tame 'Em All

Tame one of every Spirit

Horse Whisperer, But For Spirits

Tame a spirit higher than level 50

Fishbo? FishBYE

Banish 200 Spirits

Props To You

Propagate 20 seeds

I've Seed It All

Fill seed case

Eat The Rich

Earn 1 million coins

Please Like Me

Reach 8 hearts with someone

Everybody's Favourite Person

Reach 8 hearts with 10 people

Oooh Look At You, So Fancy With Your Big House

Upgrade your house

So Much Room For Activities

Upgrade your basement to maximum size

This Baby Can Fit So Many Spirits In It

Upgrade your Spirit Barn to maximum size

Ten Green Fingers

Upgrade your Greenhouse to maximum size

Whose Mine Is It Anyway?

Discover 10 mines

Bachelor Of Mine Arts

Discover 50 mines

Clutch Win

Win a battle with 1 HP remaining

That Was Probably A Good Idea

Flee a battle with 1 HP remaining


Sleep in someone else’s bed

So Sweepy

Get to bed less than 5 minutes before 2AM

They're Made For Walking

Catch Old Boots twice in a row

You Dunj Messed Up

Miss a date by passing out in a dungeon


Gift fibre to every villager

Off The Grid

Place a home on the outermost ring of islands

Terraria Forever!

Have Coolslime and Mystislime follow you

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Have Hopstraw, Flamane, and Armbot follow you

Plant Lover

Have over 25 plants in your house

Elemental, My Dear Spirit

Have 3 Spirits from different biomes following you

On The House

Get a free item from any shop

Devilled Egg

Hatch a Dark egg

Bouncing Off The Walls

Have 10 or more Energy in battle

Farmer's Markup

Sell a crop for 200 coins or more

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