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Does the custom settings reset after restarting, or after you click the Default button?

Because when you click the "Default" button the mouse wheel configuration will be reset (and it's expected to be reset). But anyway it should be kept saved if you press the "Custom" tab, reconfigure the mouse wheel options, and then press "OK" (even more, you can try to open the dialog again, check if the "Custom" tab is selected, and export the configuration with the "Export" button, send me your configuration to support@aseprite.org).

If the mouse wheel options don't persist, this is a bug. Just in case, are you running just one instance of Aseprite? (because if you open Aseprite two or three times in parallel, the latest Aseprite window that is closed is the one that will save and overwrite the configuration of previous instances).
Hi Kilo neko, does the program just automatically, or after you execute an operation (e.g. File > Open)?

What operating system are you using? I imagine that you are using Aseprite v1.2.3 (the latest version of Aseprite). Also, could you please check if you have a crash file in your preferences folder?

9 de jul às 6:09
No tópico i can't open file!
Could you please try selecting the native file selector? You can enable from the "Edit > Preferences > Experimental > Use native file dialog" checkbox. After you enable it, try to open/save files and tell me if the program crashes.

If the program doesn't crash anymore, it could be a specific file that is generating the crash (maybe when a thumbnail for that file is created). In that case, if you are able to share with us the images, try to compress the folder where you saved the file that then you wasn't able to save anymore and send it to support@aseprite.org
8 de jul às 18:11
No tópico i can't open file!
Could you please try to run Aseprite .exe directly from the Explorer to see if it does work in that way? right-click Aseprite on Steam and select Properties > Local Files > Browse Local Files and then double-click Aseprite.exe
8 de jul às 12:45
No tópico symmetry drawing
You can enable the symmetry options from View > Symmetry Options and then you can enable the horizontal/vertical symmetries with these buttons: https://imgur.com/u9uGoZE
8 de jul às 12:43
No tópico Linux mint Save file
Can you expand the combobox of the file selector? https://imgur.com/iYzPGts

That should show you the path/directory/folder where the files are saved.
8 de jul às 12:40
No tópico i can't open file!
Hi starktae, was the issue solved? or are you still experimenting this? what platform are you using (windows, macos, or linux)? Do you have a red flag at the top-right corner ( https://imgur.com/9MTYI9k ) ?
5 de jul às 7:49
No tópico Better way to make sprite sheets?
Are all 48x48 sprites related to the same character? you could create one file with tags for each animation, or several files with different sprites, and then group all of them in one sprite sheet (texture atlas) using the command line:


More information about it in:
5 de jul às 7:46
No tópico Edit Colour Palette
Hi SneakingMilk65, you have to create an indexed sprite for that. You can do it from File > New > and select the "Indexed" option in the "RGBA | Grayscale | Indexed" buttons.
3 de jul às 4:49
No tópico Help
Hi SeatedGamer, you can try to reset your preferences:

2 de jul às 16:48
No tópico Crashing
Today we've released v1.2.13 which should have this issue fixed, please give a try and tell us if it's really fixed for you. Have a nice day!
2 de jul às 13:09
No tópico Export Sprite Sheet - Bug
Hi No Yes, we are aware of this behavior, it's an annoying thing, anyway we don't remember that it was working correctly before (even from v1.1.13 it was working incorrectly).

Anyway we would try to fix this soon. At the moment you can try using Ctrl+A (or Command+A on macOS) to highlight the whole text in the "# of columns" field.
1 de jul às 8:45
No tópico Crashing
Thanks Vitaminbob, we've already a fix on the way. Hope to release a fix this week ASAP.
27 de jun às 9:45
No tópico not on sale on official site?
There is a sale on the Humble Bundle Store too: https://www.humblebundle.com/store/aseprite (equivalent to the version in the website).

Generally we offer sales on sites that offer discoverability (Steam, Humble Bundle Store, itch.io) but not in the main website. Maybe in the future we'll offer sales in the website too.
19 de jun às 17:55
No tópico This should be added within the software
Hi there, this kind of feature was discussed in the Discord server before, and the conclusion is always the same: This is a big privacy issue for so little enhancement. At the moment there are no plans (maybe in a future if some specific data can be displayed, like number of hours editing the same sprite, or something like that, but filenames shouldn't be displayed/shared with anybody).
17 de jun às 18:47
No tópico blurry artwork
You could try exporting your sprite using File > Export and setting the Resize field to 400%. The key here is that you should upload your .gif or .png file with a bigger resolution (in other case web browsers will scale your image making it blurry).
17 de jun às 18:45
No tópico Help my menu bar disappeared
You might have entered to the Advanced/full-screen mode, try pressing Ctrl+F a couple of times to go back to the normal mode.
7 de jun às 18:03
No tópico Zoom out + eye drop bug
Known issue in v1.2.11, when zoom < 100% the eyedropper always get the mask color/completely transparent color. It will be fixed in v1.2.12.
6 de jun às 10:51
No tópico What is the Tilemap Editor gonna be like.
Hi! There is an issue with some details about the tilemap editor feature here: https://github.com/aseprite/aseprite/issues/977

It's a work in progress and the first feature to release with the first v1.3-beta version. The first version will be the smallest-useful set of features that the tilemap editor can have, and then we will grow from there.
3 de jun às 4:34
No tópico Everything is Yellowed
Hi Kami, could you please check what options do you have selected in Edit > Preferences > Color in Aseprite v1.2.11?

After that, you can try to disable the color management option (unchecking the Edit > Preferences > Color > Color Management checkbox)

Anyway I would like to know why with color management it shows different colors, for that we would require to know what operating system are using (win, maos, linux, what version?) and what monitor/display and the color profile name (which should be visible in Edit > Preferences > Color > Working RGB Space has a list of available color spaces, and the "Display: ..." option contains the name of your color profile).
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