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00:24:21 AlesKee: i just love sitting here waiting for 20 min just to play a lobby that takes 2 min to play
00:24:55 Included_Middle: brb gonna have a cry because friends play together on lobbies
00:25:19 AlesKee: the friends are prem/gold players ;-;
00:25:43 AlesKee: how is this possibly fun for the opposition/newer players

Sniper for OMNI5 ESports in RGL-Invite

21:30 - cloudy: ill get you the first one at lan
01:28 - Op_sq Zamparonie: i owe you 2 drink for insomnia now
19:12 - op_sqd Zamparonie: 3

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couldnt hit PROKY so got hit by PORKY