Mr British | <3
Harry   Dorset, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
ETF2L High Spy. Technically a High Engineer and Demoman, too. Somehow.
I am britishtf2 from YouTube.
I can merc, and combine logs.

Merc Information:

Can merc HL up to:
High/Prem or Plat - Spy.
High or Plat - Medic.
Mid/High or Silver/Plat - Pyro.
Mid or Silver - All other classes.
Can Maincall from any class. People say I have a big brain.

Can merc 6s up to:
Open - Medic.
Open - Scout (can off-class).

Competitive Experience:


ETF2L Mid Season 8; Spy.
ETF2L Mid Season 9; Spy.
ETF2L Season 10 Preseason Cup; Spy. Mid Tier Group D Winners.
ETF2L Mid Season 10; Spy: 5th-8th.
ETF2L High Season 11; Spy: 3rd.
ETF2L High Season 12; Spy.
ETF2L High Season 13; Spy: 3rd.
ETF2L High Season 14; Spy: 2nd.
ETF2L High Season 15; Spy. 2nd.
ETF2L High Season 16; ?. ?.

UGC Steel Season 15; Spy.
UGC Silver Season 17; Spy.
UGC Silver Season 18; Spy. 5th-8th.
UGC Gold Season 19; Merc Spy.
UGC Gold Season 20; Spy. 6th Place.
UGC Platinum Season 21; Mentor, and All-Class.
UGC Silver Season 22; All Class, and Spy Mentor.
UGC Platinum Season 23; All-Class. 5th.
UGC Platinum Season 24; Spy.
UGC Platinum Season 25; Spy.


ETF2L Season 22 Open; Scout and Medic.
ETF2L Season 23 Preseason Cup Open; Scout.
ETF2L Season 23 Open; Scout and Medic.
ETF2L Season 25 Preseason Cup. Open Tier Group H Winner; Medic.
ETF2L Season 25 Open; Medic.
ETF2L Season 28 Open; Medic.
ETF2L Season 30 Low; Medic.


UGC Season 7 Steel; All Class Sub.

Other Information:

Over 1550 hours on Spy.
Current Resurfed Rank: 609
Peak Resurfed Rank 601
Will do demo reviews for spies. Post a comment and add me.
Studying Mathematics at The University of Bath.
Can teach GCSE and AS-Level/A-Level [Further] Mathematics and Physics [or equivalent].
Winner of Payday 2's Spring Break 2018 Police Report Contest - Comedic Catagory - as D.I. Why.
All Payday 2 Heists Completed on Death Sentence One Down [2018/04/07].

Payday: The Heist Overkill 145+ Progress:
Diamond Heist [2018/05/02]
Counterfeit [2018/05/04]
No Mercy [2018/05/04]

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Hunter X Hunter [] > Haikyū []> Everything else.

I hate this nickname, too.

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Quotes :3
paparedwood : keep calm and listen to brit.

00:15 - fearless boy ☹: he's one of those gay ppl that can't be chill about it y'know
00:15 - fearless boy ☹: basically a sexual vegan or whatever

Me: I'd rather fuck a 14 year old Killua than look at that baby's face
Gorzum: Yeah, me too. No, wait...

"I'm hoping to have a full facial" - Arjax <3

ztreak - "It was only twice."

"I think she's from ostrich." - Gorzum

"Med took 123! How is he alive? Oh, wait, they have *125*hp..." - Flight.

TiTuniVers: guck guys why dont you defent the base

20:35 - Mr British | <3 merc?: What should I call my frag?
20:35 - Gorzum: "gay spy carries his team"
20:35 - Mr British | <3 merc?: Cheers

21:29 - Markieer: im not a hoe
21:29 - Markieer: im a hardcore cock slut

22:28 - 67: Every brit on steam is gay
22:28 - Mr British | <3: you're a brit :thinking:
22:28 - 67: :)))

[Degroot Keep]
Itsuka : Forsooth, I say, MR. BRITISH
Itsuka : IS THAT Ye
Mr British | <3 : yes
Itsuka : Hark! SIGN Mine COCK

"Thanks for being a hard carry" - Not Steven <333

21:17 - wixxi: btw no offense but you sound really homosexual when you're mad

22:23 - Mr British | <3 lft HL?: someone can't imagine me mad when calling. can you describe it for me ty
22:57 - wixxi_: u sound like when an autist finds out his food have touched each other

23:43 - blob: im 15 but i sound like a 2 yr old
23:43 - blob: and im proud

20:41 - SayMo: Fuck my voice is sexy

drezzo))) : what is a lobby?
☆ {WC} Spookaloops ☆ : a circlejerk of OKish players that think they're really good
Mr British | <3 : you should fit right in then
҉ Xephur ҉ : ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
☆ {WC} Spookaloops ☆ : :3
drezzo))) : LOL
Rustled : #rekt
*DEAD* ► f u n k ◄ : yea sure
҉ Xephur ҉ : burnn
drezzo))) : fucking l8r

Rustled: What can I say?
Rustled: Willies aren't for me :>

[I am allergic to many things, including dairy & coconut]
Blob: Why can't you have coconut? Is it because they have milk in them?

[in 6s lobby after double headshotting him, the med]

AlmightyTuna : who to rep
open medic : your masculinity
AlmightyTuna : !rep my masculinity
AlmightyTuna : ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Mr British | <3 : Blu Tuna's Masculinity has already been reported
AlmightyTuna : ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Miley Spyrus : oh its famous mr british ?
Miley Spyrus : wow

ReBBeR ;3 : this game like mr british vs red

23:41 - Blob ツ: there once was a guy called brit
23:41 - Blob ツ: tbh he was a bit shit
23:41 - Blob ツ: he wanted to fly
23:41 - Blob ツ: but ate too much pie
23:41 - Blob ツ: so he crash-landed into a pit

01:30:50 Mr British <3 | 100 subs? 0_o: Person who goes RED med gets free blowjobs for a week
01:31:51 TF2Center: Lobby almost ready
01:32:29 PiotreX [Don't add]| so british you are ready to work

*DEAD*(TEAM) n1xx1 : why do you keep using kritz omg
*DEAD*(TEAM) SaMuRa1 : n1 pls
(TEAM) SaMuRa1 : stop whining like a lil bitch
(TEAM) SaMuRa1 : deal with it
(TEAM) Mr British <3 : Cos I dont stay alive long enough
(TEAM) n1xx1 : that's the stupidiest excuse I've ever heard
(TEAM) Mr British <3 : er ok
*DEAD*(TEAM) SaMuRa1 : its not
*DEAD*(TEAM) SaMuRa1 : if pocket is cancers
*DEAD*(TEAM) SaMuRa1 : cancer
*DEAD*(TEAM) n1xx1 : please

Snippy: If I were a mission [on Payday 2] then I'd be Diamond Store: no one likes me.
Mr British: I like you but I don't like it [Diamond Store].
Snippy: Aww.
Mr British: If you were a mission, you'd be Shadow Raid: I do you so much that I'd get a reduction.

"He's not doing a great job" - Stabby Stabby. + +

Me: Are you alive?
Blob: Ye, but I'm dead tho.

grafurn: Do I sound brown to you?

Salamdar: [Grafurn] I'll buy your nudes for a key.

[after a 6s mix of perma-spy]
Mr British | <3 : perma spy wins the game
Abso'Z : fdp de spy
6 Shots : those spy aids
Mr British | <3 : :*

JWG : voteban
JWG : Nice hacks mate :)))

*DEAD* Major Payne : mr british pussy ass faggot spy
*DEAD* Mr British : Mad 'cause bad.
Major Payne : not mad your a fucking PUSSY have to hide tyo do shit
*kills him again*
*DEAD* Major Payne : pussy faggot Mr British punk Spy
Major Payne : Mr British go cry to your cock sucking street corner hooker mom faggot

Socrates : Mr British you fucking faggot

Fr3Egun #Mix?! lucky trickstab

Epi: you're adoorable... it's like "Father: hey kid, do you want a hamster. kid: yes daddy. father: you're getting a harry."

Destiny: I burped. I was about to I farted but I didn't.

18:40 - smiley: fuck i gotta get dressed now

00:24 - =]: 17 #hornyandguilty

13:54 - smiley: Fun story time, I came in my fucking eye last night :(

Destiny: If you could make friends with anymore, who would you make befriend? [sic]
Me: Your mum. So we could become friends with benefits.
Destiny: Wow, you're so mean. I don't blame you though.

20:59 - Snippy LFT Sniper: DO YOU
20:59 - Snippy LFT Sniper: KNOW
20:59 - Snippy LFT Sniper: WHY
20:59 - Snippy LFT Sniper: WOULD I
20:59 - Snippy LFT Sniper: REALLY
20:59 - Snippy LFT Sniper: LIKE
20:59 - Snippy LFT Sniper: TU
20:59 - Snippy LFT Sniper: EGNLAND
20:59 - Snippy LFT Sniper: ?
Mr British: No [skype]
20:59 - Snippy LFT Sniper: HARRY IS THERE
20:59 - Snippy LFT Sniper: I MUST
20:59 - Snippy LFT Sniper: SAVE HIM
20:59 - Snippy LFT Sniper: FROM
20:59 - Snippy LFT Sniper: THE QUEN
20:59 - Snippy LFT Sniper: SHE
20:59 - Snippy LFT Sniper: LIKES MEN
20:59 - Snippy LFT Sniper: UND
20:59 - Snippy LFT Sniper: TALL
20:59 - Snippy LFT Sniper: BLACK
20:59 - Snippy LFT Sniper: FURRY
20:59 - Snippy LFT Sniper: HATS

*Ask cyBing what he is doing*
17:49 - cyb: booze watching matthew santoro

*DEAD* Vanilla POD : fuck u british fucking cheatyer
Player Vanilla POD left the game (Disconnect by user.)

15:01 - Jake the neverland pirate: I have the heart of a lion
15:01 - Mr British: k
15:01 - Jake the neverland pirate: and a lifetime ban from the zoo

Snippy: Just put the tip in your mouth

suicide-jump : spy bitch

smiley : Sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me.

17:15 - Snuuush~: OH YEAH BABY
17:16 - Snuuush~: 23*
(In voice chat) Mr British: *clicks* Nice!

Snippy: Sometimes I rub my knees and say "Oooh. This feels like tits."

*Playing Rats in Payday 2*
Snippy: We have to use the right ingredient. We need the salt to put on my weiner.

wasif-b : mr british go suck david camerons cock

"I'm going to commit sudoku!" -

Elmo the bunny: i am a mother funding bunny

*DEAD* Nicols Cervetti : NOOOOOOOB+
Player Nicols Cervetti left the game (Disconnect by user.)

*Talking about what music I should use for a Spy Frag Video*
21:03 - |☠| Mr British: dunno what music tho
21:05 - cyBing: ya mum playing the flute
21:05 - |☠| Mr British: haha
21:06 - cyBing: and by flute i mean MY MASSIVE DICK

*Talking about giving Universe a gifted item in Team Fortress 2*
"Let me just wrap my gift for you..."- Me
"Thank you very mu-" - Universe
"... in latex." - Me
"Oh my God; I cannot believe you just said that!" - Universe
:3 - Me

"ugug~" -Snuuu :3

*discussing fetishes*
Snippy: Have a guess
Me: A Rubik's Cube up the arse?
Snippy: That is a hobby, not a fetish

"I have a fetish for getting into peoples profiles" [sic] - Snippy

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