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(UI/UX) Designer with 5 years of experience.

Control real robots in realtime on RobotStreamer:
Download VR Mods at The BoneTome:

-Front-End Dev [4 years]
-UI/UX Designer [5 years]

Former Huntsman Fanatic (~500hrs w/ huntsman)
-Banned on Neon Heights for "projectile aimbot". Here's the main demo, decide for yourself.

Now unbanned from NeonHeights, ok.
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Quite possibly one of the most fun VRPVP's I've played. If you're a fan of classic arena shooters, this is the game for you! And also everyone else because this game takes VR movement to the max.

The weapons are unique, and they're balanced very nicely. Each one has it's own counter, and each player even gets a complimentary bow attached to their wrist.

The maps have a bunch of variety, and each one supports a different slightly different play-style. There's almost definitely something in here for everyone, and with even more new maps coming soon, you'd be missing out to not play this game right now.

The teams are (max) 6v6. As this is a VRMP game that's just starting out, expect low player count when loading into games unless you happen to play during a popular time. You can queue up with friends, and private matches will be added soon. If you're a solo player and want to match up with someone, hop onto the discord, the community is extremely friendly and always eager to play with someone.

And if you like to customize, you get plenty of FREE customization options to make your boi look unique.

Buy this game, you won't regret it.

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bamboozler8000 Apr 28 @ 3:15am 
твой батя! ДЕБИЛ!
gamingisniceandsoislife Mar 10 @ 5:44pm 
Yo tabloid, im kinda throwing this comment out hoping that i got the right guy but. could i get tge password for the voidsplicer00 boneworks puzzle things.
ANotSoRoyalGuardian Feb 22 @ 2:23pm 
i swear tabloid, i will play grapple tournament one day.
Hy$ Feb 18 @ 8:45am 
Good to hear. Miss getting an arrow/bullet to the head occasionally by smth that isn't a bot, you still play?
Data Boil Feb 18 @ 8:44am 
Pretty good HyS, pretty darn good
Hy$ Feb 10 @ 6:55pm 
How ya holdin up?