Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
I'm rude and I'm always thirsty.

If you want to add me, give a reason, or at least let me know we've been on the same server in the past. Adding me without a reason / I don't know you will get yourself blocked.

If you are adding me for trading, please make sure you have all the following requirement met:
- State the item you're looking for in the comment.
- Make sure you have your profile and inventory set to public.
- Have the items needed to trade for.
- Have no trade hold.
- Please be patience as I may not be able to respond instantly.
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Team Fortress 2
its just lamb :( : yu got me pregnant
Lamb : Cross my vored ♥♥♥ and hope to be penetrated
PedoBear retard lamb : !lick darts balls
friskFlautist : dart thats it, you will be anally vored
friskFlautist : Vore time
Gingle : When Catrina is having that baby, it's a hurricane.
Gingle : The only thing I swallow is cum and food
Negative Space : type rtv and ill deliver your child

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Please state your reason
Jay Aug 4 @ 4:36am 
+rep, nice person
can you send me a friend request?
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kate May 7 @ 3:08am 
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sleep nakey with me