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dvidio Mar 6 @ 4:02pm 
stop this is the cybercop
Oatey Mar 6 @ 6:48am 
buff engi
make engi so terribly stong against every single class that playing against a engi main is impossible. make it so He can withstand up to 4 (previously 9, but that was more an angry exagerration) seconds of direct Heavy fire, he now have potentially more mobility than a Scout, and will kill a Heavy in 2-3 near hits. Please make this shit up.
Oatey Feb 19 @ 12:04pm 
+rep plays spess with I
twernglexd :sunglasses: Jan 9 @ 11:51pm 
whatcha gonna do about it, call the polis? mate, we are the polis
twernglexd :sunglasses: Jan 6 @ 11:50am 

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xd the forbidden: hey gamer i'm ready to partake in the playing of cooperative video games
xd the forbidden: yesterday i was not UP to it
xd the forbidden: but today
xd the forbidden: oh heck
xd the forbidden: im ready for anything
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xd the forbidden: WOW
xd the forbidden: OK
xd the forbidden: GAMER
xd the forbidden: THATS REAL NICE
xd the forbidden: :(
nerd basher Jan 1 @ 5:56pm 
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