Vinchenzo Tezzuo   Minsk, Belarus
Chairman of the tomato council.

David Sid: Book of Tomato 1:1: "I don't actually do anything."
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Outstanding, fascinating, amazing piece of art. I can't really remember any story that pulled at my heart-strings as much in a few years.
If you have a heart you must play it. Worth every single cent spent.
Tomato: Origins
11:28 - [Tomato] darth_raziel: so, Isa, if you're asking 'bout Tomato, there was that one time when I was, like, 7 or 8 years old, I was going to cross that road returning from the store at the corner and there was that totally over speed limit vehicle coming right at me, but at the moment I stepped on the road my plastic bag's handle teared and all the tomatoes were rolling on the ground. thankfully, they fell not on the road, but on the sidewalk, so it stopped me from moving forward, and the speeding car whooshed past me but not into my side
11:28 - [Tomato] darth_raziel: so you can say tomatoes saved my life
11:28 - Isa Stronk: ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
11:28 - [Tomato] darth_raziel: and I loved them ever since. feel like I'm in debt
11:29 - DrPixel: wait what
11:29 - DrPixel: is this a real story?
11:29 - [Tomato] darth_raziel: well, no
11:29 - [Tomato] darth_raziel: but it's a good one

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