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About me
:orangejelly: Please don't hit the 'Add Friend' button yet.
:orangejelly: I have a few rules regarding trading and friends. Please walk with me through them:
:orangejelly: I don't trade with private profiles or profiles on probation
:orangejelly: I will not go first with items or cash if your reputation is lower than mine!
:orangejelly: I will cover the fees if there are any
:orangejelly:: I am verified everywhere myself
:orangejelly: You need to be verified if I am selling to you, if I am buying however I don't mind
:orangejelly: Being rude and offensive will get you blocked
:orangejelly: Wasting my time will get you removed

Adding Rules

:powersupply: NO private profiles.
:powersupply: NO low levels without CS:GO.
:powersupply: NO adding and going offline.
:powersupply: NO re-adding if I have already ignored your first friend request.
:powersupply: NO adding and telling me that I have to go first.
:powersupply: NO lowballers.
:powersupply: NO inviting me to groups.

:Fistofdosh: Payment Methods

:Fistofdosh: Bitcoins
:Fistofdosh: Wallet code

About My Trading Experience

:vpyellow: I know all scams, do not add me and waste yours and my time.
:vpyellow: I'm not planning on scamming anybody. I'm a really busy trader and I am doing this full-time.
:vpyellow: have a lot of comments in my profile all from customers.
:vpyellow: I have never scammed someone and I'm not planning to scam anyone (I'm clean).
:vpyellow: I've already made over 2000 successful trades and guys who sold to me are happy.
:vpyellow: I'm a legit trader and I am not planning to be a scammer.
:vpyellow: Only add me if you are 100% secured that you want to trade for steam wallet.
:vpyellow: I've already traded with a lot of people and no one had problems with my codes.
:vpyellow: I often looking for good deals and only overpay if I really want some items.

Why should I trust you?

- You need to trust me if you want to trade with me. It's your decision.
- Im trading with wallet codes for three years and I've traded with alot of people.
- I've got SO MUCH +rep on my profile, almost 260 and it's only increasing.
-I am Admin on popular trading group
💖 Donator on Csgolounge
💖Donator on Csgotraders

Why do you trade?

- By trading for skins, I can watch which skins go up in price, and which ones are going down.
- Through this, I can buy your skin at a low price, and wait for it to go up, then sell it to make profit.

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b0b0FF Apr 3 @ 6:04am 
how about sending the offer.
DOGA1 Mar 25 @ 7:58am 
Ok but You no have Skina for trade Bro and i no sell
Ransees.. Mar 19 @ 6:54am 
+rep trustworthy guy
+ rep best seller ever
Hikarru Mar 14 @ 2:10pm 
+REP Best Trader I've ever seen before
niggatoilet Mar 14 @ 11:51am 
+rep smooth real money trade, went first ofc.