Basil's Creed
"You don't become the Hokage to be acknowledged by everyone.
The one who is acknowledged by everyone becomes the Hokage."

18 yo, italian, aspirant web designer n developer, TF2 enthusiast
Feel free to ask me to merc, I'll happily do it! I'm not toxic at all.

Steamrep banned for scamming a scammer and fake friend.
I see it more as a pride than a shame, feel free to hate me for it tho
Also I will never ask you to trade.

Originally a main Pyro, but can play any class really

My comp experience

ETF2L HL Season 16 as main Pyro for EsEs, last 2 weeks (Open)
UGC HL Season 26 as main Pyro for LIGMA (Steel)
ETF2L HL Season 17 as Pyro mostly merced for Jump Academy Boys (Open) + Amicitia (Open playoffs)
ETF2L HL Season 18 as main Pyro for Feila eSports JR (Open)

ETF2L 6s Season 21 as sub Scout for Pathetic Pubber Virgins (Open+playoffs)
ETF2L 6s Season 32 preseason cup as main Pocket Soldier for Lunatic Fighters Reborn (Fresh)
UGC 6s Season 29 as sub Scout for Bizarre Team Adventures (Steel)

UGC 4s Season 15 as sub everything for Artic Gamers (Steel)

RGL Season 2 as main Soldier for IBuyQuick-Fix (Div-2 Red)
RGL Fresh Meat Cup as main ??? for IBuyKritz (my absolute WORST comp experience)

Some useful links

ETF2L []
UGC []
RGL []
TF2Center []
LogsTF []
YouTube (Largely inactive)
Derpibooru [] (I'm a retired brony drawing artist)
My one and only alt account
Currently Online
Treat me like shit, get shit in return. It's quite simple.
I try to be nice to everyone, but it's an unachievable goal.
Screenshot Showcase
NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 3 Full Burst
Items Up For Trade
Items Owned
Trades Made
Market Transactions
Not for trade. Simply another item showcase.

I'm a mediocre jumper.
Workshop Showcase
Practice juggling and airshots.
You can spawn every bot on a certain class or randomize the classes spawned each time.
Shoot the blue button to enable fast regeneration for infinite juggling.

Type 'sv_allow_point_servercommand always' in the consol
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