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I guess it's finally time to write a proper intro. The old one, "I dun goofed it", seemed to be worth the lackluster I have kept going on for too long. Long enough for me to get off my ass and write this ♥♥♥♥.

Let us start off on the right track here: Hai, my name is Finian, or better known as Koosh, my most regonized and commonly used Username on Steam. I've started playing TF2 after a nice friend of mine, Prototypesnipe (whom I know IRL), suggested this game to me after telling me about the wonders and joys of the Rocket-hopping simpleton Soldier, the Cocky-mouthed munchkin Scout, and a vast assortments of other classes I feel that shouldn't even be worth mentioning (I lied, they should be worth mentioning. It's because I'm lazy as hell to write anything about them). But, as we all know, the true beauty that caught my attention, sort of like a fly being hypnotized by a lantern, was none other than these stunning accessories they called "Hats". And then the journey to acquiring all the smexy hats known to Mann has started, and it started with a simple goal: getting dat Bills. And by setting that goal, I can now utilize that concept and make a personal TF2 achievements chart so I can keep track on history in the making!

TF2 achievements Chart

4/15/14 - Acquired Bill's Hat

4/26/14 - Got my second Bill's Hat, but later in a big struggle of self-control and empathy, I gave it away to someone who needed it more.

5/10/14 - Acquired my first Unusual! (Steaming Doctor's Sack)

5/24/14 - Acquired first buds and second unusual! (Stormy Storm Sola Topi w/Black paint)

7/31/14 - Achieved a $100 backpack!

9/24/14 - Placed 3rd in wickEd's 1st monthly jump challenge, clocking in at 8.04 seconds! :


I dun goofed it.
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