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Personal Achievements

Off The Rails

Make it to Moscow.


Wipe the CON-NEX office servers.

Egghead Express

Eliminate Eierkopf from play.

Code Brown

Shoot the shrink ray at a guard doing his business.


Get to the missile in less than 30 minutes.


Get an SS rating or higher on all missions.

Shrinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Use 25 Shrink Ray batteries.

Capitalist Presence Detected

Sabotage Soviet software.

Thus Always To Tyrants

Burn Bolscotchkovich's autobiography.

Mad Marx

Commandeer the miniature Slavda.

Not Safe For Work

Drop a shrunk guard in a paper shredder.

The Incredible Testo

Sneak past the Soviet Supersoldier.


Complete the game without ever getting detected.

Cleanliest Hands

Complete the game without killing anyone.

We Owe You One

Nuke Forssa.

Raid Over Moscow

Nuke Moscow.

Capitol Offense

Nuke Washington DC.

Saved The World Today

Disarm the nuke.

Generation Z

Forget the game is a stealth title 5 times in a row on the first level.


Spin a globe off its axis!

Red Means Dead

Survived Operation: Improbable.

It's About Time

Steal the Stopwatch.

I Spy With My Little Eye

Retrieve the Spytacles.

A Fine Addition To My Collection

Find a collectible.

Bungalow Burrower

Find all the collectibles.

Borderline Disco Boogaloo

Make it out of Berlin alive.

Mary Sue

Finish the game on "Casual" difficulty or higher.


Finish the game on "Normal" difficulty or higher.

Femme Fatale

Finish the game on "Superspy" difficulty.

Embrace Insanity

Find the hidden easter egg in the Archives.