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Unlocked May 25 @ 6:43am

Body bags

Get one hundred kills

Formal inquiry

Get five hundred kills
500 / 500

Internal affairs

Get one thousand kills
1,000 / 1,000

Stick fighter

Get twenty melee kills
20 / 20


Knock off 50 masks
50 / 50


Complete a two-player operation

Daily News

Complete a daily operation

Training day

Complete a daily training session

Near death experience

Revive yourself five times

Healing hands

Revive another player five times

Wave rider

Survive five waves in lockdown mode

Hang ten

Survive ten waves in lockdown mode


Reach level 14

Wrap it up

Complete a case

San Amaro's Finest

Complete a case on Hard difficulty

Maximum Pain

Clear a room while in slow-mo ten times

Knock knock

Knock down a criminal sliding into a room


Get a kill with a side arm, tactical weapon, and a grenade in the same room

Boom town

Neutralise three or more criminals with one stinger in the same room

Demolition Ranch

Purchase all the weapons

Super cop

Finish three operations losing less than ten health