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5 hours ago
In topic Unable to launch the game.
Can you post content of the %appdata%\Blockscape\errors.txt file? If it's too large to post on Steam, you can use services such as Pastebin.
16 hours ago
In topic Game freezing up
Ark/Conan doesn't have procedural generation. Blockscape uses procgen very heavily. And procedural generation is a very complex computational task, especially when you want a fully destructible environment at the same time.
Sep 17 @ 4:50am
In topic Pixxie Here 😊
Yeah, why they don't like money?
Sep 17 @ 3:51am
In topic Cube World Giveaway
Just a fruit-flavoured yoghurt and bunch of mentos. No, I'm not joking.
Sep 17 @ 3:47am
In topic Pixxie Here 😊
Hello there :). When will be Picroma Plasma released?
Sep 17 @ 2:33am
In topic Game freezing up
It's your PC that can't keep up with world generation and you are keeping outrunning it. Ever had this thing in minecraft when if you flew particularly fast with Elytra the chunks started to appear in front of you? Yeah, it's the same deal here, only far distance is done with chunks that are converted to meshes and have no voxel data in it and that data has to be loaded/generated when you get close enough.
Sep 17 @ 2:30am
In topic My friends can't load workshop maps
Yeah, but if you don't have the map, it still has to be downloaded, either from game host or from the workshop. It takes more time to download stuff than to read it from the disk.

You just have to wait and be patient, is what I'm saying,
Sep 15 @ 4:33am
In topic Finished holes in scoreboard
Or, better yet, add some sort of indicator which hole is each player on (Steam avatar?) and if no indicator is visible meaning that player had completed the entire course.
Sep 15 @ 4:26am
In topic Ability to make custom palettes.
They'd work pretty much like texture packs in Minecraft and would affect the textures of ground, etc. (default blocks). I feel this would give us much more customization if we could make those ourselves.
Sep 15 @ 4:23am
In topic Alternative shot should be the default.
The "swinging" one may very wel work in VR (which AFAIK is planned) or with other motion controller (e.g. a Wiimote hacked to work on PC), but with mouse it's kinda meh.
Sep 15 @ 4:21am
In topic My friends can't load workshop maps
It's because he doesn't have that specific map and it has to be downloaded for him. All players have default maps so it's not a problem there. Downloading takes more time than loading from disk and there's nothing to be done here, except maybe adding a progress bar.
So shortcuts will be optional, if you prefer to use them, not required.
Sep 15 @ 4:07am
In topic For real, when is this releasing?
Nah, unless there's a setback, I guess mid-2020. Villains update is almost done AFAIK and the next after it will be Steam, so...
May be case for other related achievements. Haven't even realized there was achievement for that until I got birdie that wasn't a hole in one on a later hole.
I mean, why would I? You'd close it down, stop any development and I will be left with a game that's barely functional with little to no content (even if a single player game).

You're going on my personal blacklist of developers, which currently consist of:
- Chucklefish (they've banned me from official, non-steam, Starbound forums for making a suggestion and the recent fubar with not paying volunteers that worked on SB doesn't make them look any better)
- Code}{atch (StarForge was one of the hugest crowdfunding scams and after the game was eventually released, update trailers they were releasing contained features THAT WEREN'T ACTUALLY PART OF THE GAME, then suddenly stopped development and moved onto their Rust ripoff).
- Linden Labs, yes the SecondLife studio (for unreasonable cancellation of Patterns which was a very unique take on "building game" like MC.)
- Anything Rod Humble has to do with (see above, was the LL CEO both at the time of announcement of Patterns and at the time of its cancellation)
- Cubical Drift (they've basically blown their budget on studio space and other stuff that aren't necessary for gamedev and then went bankrupt due to their ineptitude and as such Stellar Overload, a.k.a. Planets³ is no more)
- Pathea Games (more like Pathetic Games - they've left Planet Explorers with several outstanding bugs, some gamebreaking or of the crash variety and went on developing My Time At Portia which will likely also be left with bugs remaining)
- possibly others with similar stories attached that I can't remember at this moment (will edit in if I remember).

Some of these devs may also be publishers, in which case my policy is to wait several years during which any potential revenue share agreements are likely to run out, then buy the game so it only benefits the developer of it.

Congrats on making such fine company and I hope you'll get insolvent. It's not easy to make on the list, but once you do, there's no way back.
It's annoying to exit it then rehost again when you're practicing the entire course (practice mode allows you to only practice single holes) and want to reset the course.
Sep 14 @ 9:53am
In topic Single player mode with bots
It wouldn't be a full experience for sure, but it could save the game from death (death meaning no one is playing it) when you don't have anyone to play with or there are no active games.

Plus I think it would be a fun thing.
Sep 14 @ 9:32am
In topic How to unlock stuff?
Like hats, skins, etc. Seen something about coins but no idea how to obtain them.
Sep 13 @ 1:48am
In topic Stellar Overload : the end
Yeah, but its blocks are as big as Minecraft's and I was trying to suggest something with a similar building style.
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