The Scream Queen
kos or some say kosm   Finland
Born nerd since 1992. Horror & scifi enthusiastic, team yautja, an artist who loves cartoons & fanart, software engineer trainee & noob ballerina. Maya is the nickname. I live in Funland aka Soumi because my ancestors thought frigid outskirts is a good place to live in. I share apartment with three gentlemen who currently occupy the cage in the living room. They rats.

Language: English/Finnish


I play mostly survivors because I suck as a killer.
I main Laurie Strode because ( she's precious & deserves the best ).
I don't know how to loop even after this many hours because my old ass cannot learn new tricks.
If you play as my fave killer the pig I love you.


If you have questions about my level the answer is I don't have a life & I really love this game
I ain't afraid of ghosts except when they spawn at my face.

Dark Souls:

I am the magic man & filthy casul.

Twitch -> darkenshadowiness
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*insert pippeli here* I Give You This ♥♥♥♥ To Tell That I Care About You <3
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+rep best michael repel ;3
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-rep aika toxic pillu