Eric   Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Known as Unboltingaxe (Wii U, Xbox One Account Name)
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#deadmemesnstuff, rule34, e621, roblox, getamped 2, rumble fighters


Lol what http://prntscr.com/i0ww2e

I got noting much to do but play simple games while roaming around the world
Like for example, I wanna get this game amirite? So I go to gamestop, They say the certain game isn't at their store and I gotta go back and fourth to other gamestops till they have it, Annoying as hell but what I do alot

You may also know me as that screaming abel from that SCP Breach Server, Yeah thats me, Beautiful right?

1: I hate online versus time to time (Unless its with friends) Cause not only is it in a pain in the ass when you lose to a pro but you can just feel your heart beating as fast as it can cause you don't wanna lose this match and if you do BAM HEART ATTACK

2: Trades? Eh sorry steam doesn't like me atm so can't trade anything

3: Tekken Tag Tournament 2 IS THE SHIT

Online - On The Wii U or Asleep (At 1 to 3 AM I'm asleep of course)

Away - Oh shit something happened maybe

Busy - Never used

Offline - Internet is being a bitch

Shoutout to my waifu {V.I.P} Flame
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