Dapperr LFT
¿uoʇƃuıuuǝԀ ʞɔᴉN?   Santa Clarita, California, United States
:meadowfrog: LFT Main pyro :meadowfrog: ringme main & below pyro / open sniper :meadowfrog:

:MPQuarry: Comment before adding - The Guad is NOT for sale :MPQuarry:


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6.0 k/d [logs.tf]

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best quotes

[8:27 PM]
im trying to play insaniquarium nigga
these fish arent gonna feed themselves

Jones. Today at 2:40 PM
you doubt my sexual stamina
you are gravely wrong

Private Dancer Today at 9:22 PM
can we do some team bonding by doing a Dream Daddy lets play together
i want 9 people in voice chat discussing which dad they'd date in dream daddy

[3:27 AM]
Nick I just broke a pan
I burnt the rice
You don't understand
How bad I burnt the rice

[1:30 AM]
I want to put pomade in my cat
I could give her a clean slicked back look with an oil based pomade
Or perhaps a natural, messy look, with a water based pomade

*taunts after kill and immediately dies*
*DEAD* |TGC| Dapperr : worth
*DEAD* not_fordo : nice job man
*DEAD* not_fordo : hopefully it was worth the game
*proceeds to 5-0 them*

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Name: Nick

Age: 16

Main: Pyro

Highlander Experience:

- s25 Tentatek TF2 Silver Pyro
- s26 The Groove Crusaders NA Main Pyro

- s2 Salty Tears IM Pyro
- s3 ???

Ask if you need anything else

*DEAD* ThanosTheOneSnapMan : 3 spies when they have a godly pyro, great idea

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last played on Mar 21
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analcaynal 12 hours ago 
analcaynal Mar 20 @ 9:20pm 
accept my fr ♥♥♥♥♥
Dapperr LFT Mar 19 @ 10:55pm 
ur so ♥♥♥♥ing cool
fordo Mar 19 @ 10:39pm 
im amazing thanku very much
Dapperr LFT Mar 19 @ 9:50pm 
at least Im not lame B)
fordo Mar 19 @ 9:47pm 
a bad very very bad pyro