Jenac Azaela
Glory to Arstotzka. :glory:
Zurzeit online
-I live in the timezone labeled as GMT+1, CET or UTC+2. So do keep that in mind regarding my schedule regarding sleep, school and everything in between.
-Do feel free to message me! I may sometimes need space if I need to concentrate on something (work, projects etc.), and I will kindly let you know if that's the case.

:stardrop: Online: I am awake and active. Response is likely to come fast
:firewood: Away: I am likely busy. Response may be delayed
:nogo: Busy: I can not answer you at this time. Leave a message and I will assess it when able
:hittheroad: Offline: I am either asleep, busy or experiencing bugs with Steam. No ETA on responses

:p2blue: Mobile: If you see this, replies may come fairly quick, or really slow. Steam on mobile is really buggy and may at its own volition decide not to give me notifications.
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LongHairedDude 9. Apr. um 2:12 Uhr 
+rep sier "sirklek" i stedet for "Circle K"