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danny o#8635   Vista, California, United States
NEVER, EVER THREATEN the UNITED STATES again or you will suffer CONSEQUENCES the likes of which few throughout history have EVER SUFFERED BEFORE. We are no longer a country that will stand for your DEMENTED words of VIOLENCE & DEATH. BE CAUTIOUS!
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awoo esports - Public Group
this was all booma's idea
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i cant CARE about VIDEO GAMES
My name's Daniel, but you can call me Danny if you want.
I used to play TF2 competitively and I mained basically every 6s class but medic.
I'm 19, my birthday is on April 28th [itsyourbirthday.today], my sign is Taurus [www.astrology-zodiac-signs.com] if you're interested in that sort of thing.
My favorite color is red (if it wasn't obvious), and the specific hexcode I like is #b13939
I'm an animal person, and I love dogs the most. I have 5 in real life, and all of them are wolf mixes
I also love cars, my favorite brands being Ferrari, and Ford.
i aint got time
dr. sick widdit
mr. troll
honorary member (and only member) of Psi Lan 5/20/2019
TF2 Competitive Experience (retired)
i maincalled for every team i was on
leader of the awoo brand

total placements:

1st place: 9 times
2nd place: 1 time
3rd place: 3 times

steam id: [U:1:73678257] / 76561198033943985
UGC Page [ugcleague.com]
RGL Page [rgl.gg]

UGC 4v4 experience:
Season 12: (Steel) The Second Plan [ugcleague.com] (demo) 4-3 (picked up late season)
Season 13: (Steel) Bone Breakin' Baddies [ugcleague.com] (soldier) 10-1 (1st place)
Season 14: (Steel) kevin and the zits [www.ugcleague.com] (scout) 5-3 (forfeited playoffs)
Season 15: (Steel) Spymid [www.ugcleague.com] until week 4
Season 16: (Steel) awoo: a chowderman family christmas [www.ugcleague.com] (scout) 4-2 (booted)
Season 17: (Steel) four loko: awoo edition [www.ugcleague.com] (scout) 9-1 (1st place)

UGC 6v6 experience:
Season 25: (Steel) Not in the Face! [ugcleague.com] (pocket) 4-4
Season 26: (Steel) you ever eat tomatoes? [www.ugcleague.com] (pocket) 6-3 (made playoffs)
Season 27: (Steel) awoo esports [www.ugcleague.com] (scout) 9-2 (1st place)
Season 28: (Steel) CafeteriaMilk.black [www.ugcleague.com] until week 4
Season 29: (Silver) awoominaty [www.ugcleague.com] (scout) 5-4 (made playoffs)
Season 30: (Silver) awoo collar comedy tour [www.ugcleague.com] (scout) 5-4 (made playoffs)

RGL 6v6 experience:
Season 1 No Restriction 6s: (Open) team USA [mm.rgl.gg] (scout) 6-1 (1st place)

UGC Highlander experience:
Season 23: (Steel) Midheaven [ugcleague.com] (demo) 4-4 (picked up late season)
Season 24: (Steel) Midheaven [ugcleague.com] (soldier) 6-3 (made playoffs)
Season 25: (Steel) CafeteriaMilk [www.ugcleague.com] (scout, played playoffs) 8-4 (3rd place)
Season 27: (Main) big men esports [www.ugcleague.com] (sub demo) 3-4
Season 28: (Main NA) awoolander [www.ugcleague.com] (demo) 6-2 (2nd place)

RGL Highlander experience:
Season 1: (Open) Sifety [hl.rgl.gg] until week 4
Season 2: (Open) The Enthusiasts [hl.rgl.gg] (demo) 8-2 (1st place)
Season 3: (Main) Plan B [hl.rgl.gg] (demo) until I got banned lol

RGL Prolander experience:
Season 2: (Rec-High) The Brave Little Toasters [rgl.gg] (soldier) 6-1 (1st place)
Season 4: (Rec Div-2) The Twinkling Tendies [rgl.gg] (scout/flex, played playoffs) 6-2 (3rd place)
Season 5: (Open) New (a)woo Order [rgl.gg] until week 4
Season 6: (Div-3) awooniversity [rgl.gg] (demo) 7-0 (1st place)

RGL Prolander Cups:
One Day Cup #2: (Div-4) onedayfraggers [cup.rgl.gg] (demo) 3-0 (1st place)
One Day Cup #3: (Div-4) Lob Laws Slob Lobs [cup.rgl.gg] (scout/flex) 4-1 (1st place)
One Day Cup #4: (Div-2) awoo esports [cup.rgl.gg] (scout/flex) 3-1 (3rd place)
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Odd Future, Wolf Gang
We came together cause
We ain't have nobody else
Do you?
You just might be one of us
Are you?

They want us to go to they schools and
Be fucking miserable at they fucking college, studying that bullshit
Fuck that
Do what the fuck makes you happy
'Cause at the end
Who's there? You

I'm not saying just to go out and do some stupid shit, commit crimes
What I'm trying to tell you is
Do what the fuck you want
Stand for what the fuck you believe in, and don't let nobody tell you can't do what the fuck you want
I'm a fucking unicorn
And fuck anybody, who say I'm not
Wolf Gang
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Created by - Raul Zubieta and AuTomaton
Learn the ins and outs of Space Wars: Bafflefrond II's classes! This guide deals with the specifics of the glorious Derpire and the valiant lackeys that make up its enormous conscript armies.
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words only 'hurt' if i let them
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tididi da di di dow da di da di di dowww
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Hope you have the betterest day ever friend.

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this noob gamer dies to noob players
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+rep got milked!
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lmaooo bruh the bag was just sitting on the floor, I picked it up and threw it outside, and it worked