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101 of how not to gamedesign. It's an awfuly reused turd of a main game. Enemies are monotoneus and lack variety. Player movement is bad and punishes player - you cannot really turn when sprinting. Maps are barely repurposed which leaves plenty of elements useless or even confusing due to different nature of combat. Speaking of combat, grenades are badly designed too. Player have to compensate for three factors - enemy movement, air time and completly unnecesesaty animation of preparing explosive. In short words most of the time enemy is already too close when you throw nade. Don't get me started on stupid collectibles that are only supposed to artifically extend gameplay time.
On plus side art style is great and there are few moments of interesting visual narration, but that's it.
Score: four Fairburnes out of 10 checkpoint restarts.
Posted November 22, 2018. Last edited May 9.
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It's a turd.
Posted November 28, 2017. Last edited November 28, 2017.
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It's last day of year 2015 and it's still impossible to make this game work. My whole gameplay time counted by Steam is accumulated from unsuccessful launch attempts. Yes. I tried to launch this game for more than 5 hours. I tried unofficial fix, every goddamn tip, every goddamn guide. I followed every solution I could google, and boy, I reached end of internet thanks to that. At this point it would be easier for me to write this game from scratch. Happy New Year to you scrublords from Access Games and ToyBox Inc. Happy New Year to you, Hidetaka Suehiro, you hack and fraud.
Rot in hell.
Posted December 30, 2015.
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Two years after it's release game is still full of bugs, inconsistent design and doesn't represent quality of a finished product.
During the course of two years game was treated with updates that changed it's mechanics, something one would expect from beta stage of development. Product I bought is not same product I own anymore. Clearly developers have no idea what their game is supposed to be like.
During the course of two years there was 27 paid DLC releases. More to come. There are items locked behind achievements and there are achievement locked behind paywall.
If it wasn't enough game was recently treated with microtransactions business system.
Core mechanic of the game is grind, something one would associate with MMO cRPG. Unlike MMO games Payday 2, as horde mode FPS, doesn't have enough content to keep player entertained and interested in completing grinding process.
During the course of two years game was abandoning it's roots and inspiration more and more. From Michael Mann's Heat like experience to general retardness of bringing medieval swords to a gunfight while escorting drunkards.
Also game became advertisement platform, which resulted in questionable collaborations.

Last time I invested time and money in game where players are referred to as clowns.
Posted October 16, 2015.
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